The many Presidents of Nigeria

One of the very interesting things that I have noticed within this polity is ‘The multiplicity of the Presidents’ that we have running this country simultaneously – there are so many people who love to champion their own positions to the point that they constantly suggests that those of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan [GEJ] must not just be discounted but must actually be looked down upon as damn ridiculous – these people have a way of crafting public opinion in such a way that ‘even Constitutional Provisions’ will now be presented to the polity as though there were illegal interjections into our Laws – one of these ‘other Presidents’ is SERAP who is now threatening the President with a lawsuit for ‘applying a constitutionally binding provision’ within our Laws.



Many ‘other Presidents’ exists – there are still others on Facebook, Twitter; elsewhere on Social Media; in Civil Society; in the political opposition – at home and abroad – who even though they did not win elections via a majority vote still believe that they represent Nigerians better than the one person the same Nigerians, while queuing under the sun for days, voted to run their affairs; they believe that although the Man is the President, he must first reach out to them in their private rooms to consult with them individually albeit that there are potentially about 5 Million of them  before he takes decisions on matters foisted on him as the C-in-C; just as they would need to help him interpret every constitutional provisions as well before he acts on them thereby. These other Presidents have a superior understanding of what morals should be applied in running the affairs of state; they are better at managing the finances of the Nation even though they are still struggling with their own finances; and they are better managers of the economy while still struggling to hold down a job or still hoping to keep at least 5 people employed consistently for 12 months within their private practices. These guys believe that the President despite his vast number of years in public service is clueless along with his army of MDA heads despite that some of them of like Okonjo-Iweala, Akinwunmi Adesina, Omobola Johnson have at one time or the led global corporations – they sell the idea to the polity when they engage in their high-falutin untested theories that are usually devoid of any common sense; counter-proposals that lack demonstrated empirical solutions, that they are more qualified to run the affairs of state with their usual sentences of ‘but this thing is very simple now?



Then there are more Presidents – there are those who visit Maiduguri to show the seating President that they can do his job better than he is currently doing; well the sad thing is that when they got there, they couldn’t make any Presidential declarations neither did the Elders nor the Royals of the region deem them worthy of a meeting to express their grievances to; they couldn’t meet with the Governor of the state; they couldn’t interact with the JTF to get a clue of the number of arrests they had made this year or the number of ammunitions or the size of the bomb-making-materials they had recovered thus far; these guys were basically Tourists  that went to the state for a few hours spending N200m taxpayers money from their respective states on the journey yet they too wanted to be seen as Presidents – they hurriedly gave press statements suggesting that the current President is irresponsible not to have been able to do did in the last couple of months what they just did.



Then there is also the very President-Emeritus – Gen Buhari – whose opinions on any matter and of course those of his spokespeople and foot soldiers must first be considered before that of the seating President is ever taken into consideration or seriously even though the Man last ran the Nation when I was just 10 years old just as his ‘Speech Writer’ – Nasir El-Rufai also left public office in a similarly shameful and disastrous fashion, their own figures and indices are the sacrosanct ones that must not be challenged by anyone – such must be respected more than those emanating from GEJ’s economic team – and they are the ones that must visit London to deliver some glowing speeches on the failures of Democracy in Nigeria – the merging of our INEC with the PDP – with the Judiciary being a 100%-owned subsidiary of that merged company – this Man who has ran for three Presidential elections back-to-back even though he KNOWS that he would always be rigged out and that the courts would always deny him his victory as opposed to how some of his new APC counterparts had in recent history perfected the Salami-gate route to office. How exactly does this man begin to plan for a fourth attempt still holding on to these same beliefs?



Then are even more Presidents – we still have Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Atiku Abubakar, IBB, all who despite their well publicized yet-beyond-the-investigative-capabilities-of-INTERPOL corruption-laden history are now the other Presidents Emeriti – once these ones come up with politically correct positions, they soon begin to be re-quoted all over the airwaves – all over the place by the same hypocrites who once marched on the streets carrying placards against these same people – they are now the new moral authorities within this polity whose opinions must be respected beyond that of the current President and of course these folks have now realized that all they need to do to get another one-week-of-fame is to make a statement that contradicts any of the official positions of the FGN on any matter no matter the dubious content of such positions – and I hear that some of them are now becoming patrons of civil society movements that once called them all manner of unprintable names – they are now the ones that launch the books written by key members of these same groups.



All of these drama contributes in no small measures to the distortions within this polity and are largely responsible for the seeming lack of direction of purpose on many issues within this polity even as sometimes suffered by the FGN – because for every of their policy thrusts, from security to the economy or wherever else, these other Presidents always make sure they ‘hijack such information and reformat it in the way they would rather want ‘the same Nigerians who didn’t trust them enough to vote for them into office’ to see these issues – we now have a polity that has become so separated from its real elected leadership because ‘these unelected Presidents’ are continually choking out any iota of relationship that would have existed between the government and the people – making sure they create such a huge gulf between both of them.



And of course, these same set of people would quickly tell you ‘haba, shebi it is the job of the President/government to communicate very well with its people – they should communicate what they are doing very well ‘ yet they won’t tell you that once government tries to do that, they also quickly rush to the public space describing any such attempt as GOVERNMENT PROPAGANDA – in fact, if it was possible for them, they would have also called our AFCON victory one as well – they would have suggested that what we saw on TV was a playback of some “video game characters” all in a bid to make Nigerians feel better away from their daily troubles. Then trust them, they are going to say that our constitution guarantees freedom of opinions and expressions and that such are a normal part of democracy, well I wish it was that simple – as I really do wonder why these opinions are only ever anti-establishment?



Well I have some advice for Nigerians – the next time these people try selling you theories like: ‘Nigerians have no reasons to trust in any government’ ask them ‘So how are we supposed to trust in the governments that you are proposing to us to replace this one since you have already told us not to trust in any government?‘ Ask them ‘how come you want us to believe in the government of Lagos and Osun and Ekiti, shebi you said we shouldn’t trust in any government?’ Challenge these other Presidents with questions like ‘Sir, how come you couldn’t do these same things when you had the chance to do so in office?‘ Ask them how come they have not been able to solve these same challenges in the same climes that they have some political control over at the moment – ask them how come majority of Lagosians have now become TREKKERS due to the rushed policy of the ban on Okadas without a substitute plan to move Lagosians around within the state – ask them how come Lagos Hospitals are still like waiting-rooms-to-the-grave – ask them how come people were beaten to force them to pay for toll gates that was built from the monies they paid as taxes.



Ask those that now love to champion Democracy as experts in the subject were the same ones that once truncated our Democracy – also staying back in office for so many years in a maradonic manner before they were eventually shamed out of office – ask them ‘what would I lose if I choose to give the present government a chance to deliver on its promises since they already have the 4-year term anyways – ask them ‘why are they against the National Good Governance Tour‘ that seeks to show to Nigerians what this FGN is doing since these other Presidents have practically banned  their own state-owned TV and Radio stations from showing anything the FGN is doing in a positive light.



Ask them – why they are only bent on reporting/discussing/exaggerating what is wrong within this polity – ask them if the only way a Patriot should display his love for his country is to be negative about it – then most importantly – ask them How come they couldn’t secure majority votes in the last elections as a ‘bloc’ since they apparently claim to have more impressive CVs than the current President?


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