RIP, Alhaji Mohammed Hamma Misau, 67 [Which one of our YOUTHS is ready to replace you?]

Here are a few things you didn’t know about the Late Retired Assistant Inspector General of Police, and a Bauchi State delegate to the ongoing national conference, Alhaji Mohammed Hamma Misau, 67:


1. He was one of those who fought against the third term plot of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and in an interview he granted in 2006, heaped praises on the Senate for throwing out the controversial constitutional amendment bill, which would have allowed the tenure of former President Obasanjo to be elongated: “I have always been confident that the amendment bill will not scale through. It has remained the most unpopular bill before the parliament since our independence.”

2. In another recent interview, the deceased advocated that government should should strive to get across to the Boko Haram sect leaders for genuine dialogue as a means of tackling the problem of insurgency confronting the country.

He urged security operatives involved in patrol duties to desist from unduly harassing the public, stressing that they should be rather civil in conducting their operations.

According to him, it is only through such civil dispositions that the security operatives can attract public confidence. “If they treat the public in a civil manner, some of them will be willing to feed the security operatives with important intelligence data which can give a lead on how to reach the Boko Haram leaders for dialogue.

“Members of the sect are part of us; they live among us. Therefore, it is important to reach them and dialogue with them so as to know their grievances and address them. Besides, security chiefs should also avoid making inflammatory statements,” he says.

For a fruitful dialogue with the Boko Haram sect, he urged government to contact some respected personalities to act as mediators between it and the sect’s leadership.

“Non-partisan opinion leaders should be contacted to play the role of mediators,” he adds.


Here are my thoughts on the passing of this man vis-a-vis the mockery visited on him by our Nigerian Youths in his last days on earth:

1. Age is a GOOD THING when used well; and those that despise OLD AGE are not likely to experience it even as the BIBLE is very clear on that – and the YOUTHS that claim that the nation belongs to them should first ask themselves “What have I done today for myself and for my nation [aside from raining insults on her] that warrants me being trusted with the leadership of this nation in the future?

2. If you keep saying “all the people at the CONFAB are the old people that ruined Nigeria” what about those that didn’t? What about those like the late MISAU who as proven above stood tall above others at critical moments in the history of the nation?


3. If you say “a 67-year old man is too old to be at the CONFAB“, why are some of you YOUTHS canvassing for BUHARI, 80 to be President? Why are you salivating over every words of OBASANJO, 80 [age actually unknown] once it has to do with him dissing Goodluck Jonathan? Why are some of you now super-consultants, media strategists, and consulting-bloggers to Atiku Abubakar, 67 in his newer quest to become President? Why are quoting the words of the APC Chairman, Bisi Akande, 75 all over the place as though they were lifted out of the Bible? And why do you revver Wole Soyinka, 79 so much? Why did some of you almost enter the coffin with Chinua Achebe, 82? Well, now one thing is sure again – you Nigerian youths have also become PARTISAN POLITICIANS – you really don’t despise AGE – you only choose to mock those OLD PEOPLE who seem to choose to work FOR Nigeria rather than AGAINST her; you would rather malign those of them that would choose to attend a CONFAB called by your sworn-enemy Goodluck Jonathan while you would you choose to adore those old people that would rather abstain from the CONFAB; foment trouble within the nation by writing senseless letters that my 12-year old son shouldn’t be caught writing; or refuse to accept national honours given out by the Otuokean!

4. My dear Nigerian youths, how come you folks have refused to acknowledge or blog about the fact that there are actually 18 YOUTHS representing your constituency – the youths and youth groups at this same CONFAB as listed below:


1.     Comrade Henry Nwabueze
2.     Ajani James Olawale
3.     Abdullahi Abdulmajeed
4.     Mallam Hamma Bello Bilkindo
5.     Charles Ibiang
6.     Ben Duntoye

1.     Yinka Gbadebo, GCNS
2.     Sylvester Okoh
3.     Abdullahi Ali-Kano
4.     Chinonso Obasi
5.     Clifford Abur
6.     Olayinka Dada (JP)

1.     Hassan Rilwan
2.     Yadomah Bukar Mandara
3.     Yakubu Shendam
4.     Kasim Akande
5.     Mosunmola Umoru
6.     Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu

While you have continued to blog as thought na only old people dey this CONFAB? Or perhaps these 18 names do not adequately represent you since they don’t live in the UK or US or EU and do not have your Ivy-Leagued background that you acquired via Internet lectures? Or dem no dey blow the kain grammar that earned you a KBE from the Queen? Perhaps this CONFAB should have actually called for open nominations from the Facebook and Twitter constituencies to represent you?

Were you even aware of these names before I mentioned them here? And if you were, have you reached out to any of them to discuss what the YOUTH AGENDA is for this CONFAB? Have you helped them set up Twitter handles; websites; Facebook pages to make this more participatory? Oh, I forgot, you would have only done that if your own name was on the list! See your life?

  1. I have also noticed that the same OUTSPOKEN YOUTHS within this polity who had hitherto called for a conference of this nature have now become the most THE FIERCEST MOCKERS of the process – some of them like Feyi Fawehinmi, Omoyele Sowore, Kayode Ogundamisi, Toyosi Akerele, Rosanwo Babatunde, Tolu Ogunlesi, Japheth Omojuwa, Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri, Kelechi Jeff-Eme, Soni Akoji, etc are some of those that have been busy focusing on allowances to be earned by the delegates; the fight for food at the CONFAB; retweets of the pictures of sleepy old men [as though they don’t have old people at home who also doze off at different times on different occasions] rather than helping set the sort of agenda that should be addressed at this CONFAB!

These makes me want to ask the questions – “Isn’t this Our Youth toga overstated sef?” How ready are these so-called youths for the herculean task of nation-building when they would rather busy themselves misleading their audiences and keen followers while mocking the nation at the same time rather than building this same – and by the way – WHO BE YOUTH SEF? Because I know some of these our Youths already have CHILDREN that are fast getting as tall as they – Youths R’onu o!

Let me use this opportunity to commiserate with the family of the Alhaji Misau praying that GOD gives them the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss even as I thank them for making their Father available for this endeavour no matter how short a time he was able to spend doing this; and I am confident that Bauchi State would find a worthy replacement for him to continue the brilliant job he has started.

Finally, the Nigerian mainstream media must now admit that they are a shameless lot! Not one of them could come up with a picture of this man as they wrote the story of his demise aside from the same one that our bloggers celebrated all over the place in the last one week of the man’s time on earth – and then it gets worse, have you seen the sort of headlines with which many of these bloggers and mainstream media reported this death? I can’t even bring myself to repeating some of them on my page – I guess it is now safe to suggest that “the conventional media houses should just sell their 100% shares to the blogging industry” to make it official that “Old media is dead!

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