Shettima’s relationship with Boko Haram

I am tempted to ask “Why Shekau/Boko Haram has had to wait for 21 days to claim responsibility for the kidnap of these girls?”; especially ONLY after:

1. WAEC blew the lid on SHETTIMA’s complicity in this kidnap case having gotten the school principal and state officials to keep mum on this or so long; while also refusing to release the full biodata and pictures of these kids;

2. After GEJ was reported to have asked SHETTIMA to produce the girls or face the sack!

Could Shekau have made this claim at this strategic time to deflect the attention away from Shettima only within hours of these newer revelations?

Well I came up with this theory after I had a one-hour long phone convo with a friend of mine based in North America who also inboxed this to me:

After we noted rightly that Boko Haram NEVER CLAIMED RESPONSIBILITY for the CHIBOK Abduction, After the President also said it on the Media chat yesterday, after 3 weeks of the stage-managed abduction, after GEJ gave marching orders to the Governor and principal to produce the girls, SHEKAU COMES UP WITH A VIDEO SAYING HE AND HIS MEN ABDUCTED THE GIRLS… Who is a MUGU HERE?”

During this phone call, he had reminded me of there was another story in March 2014 in Konduga/Borno about 20 girls being abducted before the school denied such reports; he went on to further suggest that there was a plan at the time to ask for ransom to be paid to free the so-called missing girls before ‘the business come scatter.

My take is this is sounding like too much of a coincidence especially considering that:

3. it is this same SHETTIMA that told WAEC to come and conduct the exams in CHIBOK against the opinion of the body;

4. Kabiru Sokoto, the Christmas day bomber was also arrested in the company of a serving military officer on 14th of March 2012 in Borno State Governor’s Lodge, Abuja under the leadership of SHETTIMA!

I believe it is high time GEJ suspended SHETTIMA so the FGN can properly investigate his relationship with BOKO HARAM!

You might call this a CONSPIRACY THEORY but with all these FACTS, I would say this a FACT-BASED-TOO-MUCH-OF-A-COINCIDENCE THEORY – one that it would be nice for others to disprove if they disagree with me on.

I have provided weblinks to back up my theory below even as it should be noted that these sources are anti-GEJ titling media houses – Leadership and The Nation – these are four proven connections of Shettima to Boko Haram that no one within this polity should deny!



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