Re: AMAECHI’s ‘prime grouse’ against GEJ – THE SOKU OIL WELLS!

Read what Samuel Diminas said about AMAECHI’s position on SOKU OIL WELLS:

“Soku oil wells belong to Bayelsa. There have been several court cases on this matter starting from the early OBJ days which ended in the Supreme Court with the ruling in favour of Bayelsa.

Coincidentally Soku belongs to my community, the Amayanabo of Abonnema happens to be a close uncle, and none of the community chiefs nor people are arguing about Soku, in fact the Kalabari’s have a non-negotiable support for GEJ

The point of law is this: while the wells are named Soku which is a boundary town between Rivers and Bayelsa, the wells are actually not in Soku.

This is a common error made for many wells drilled back in the day, they simply pick the name of the popular town, or rather back then most of the towns in different LGA’s and states today where in the same LGA’s in Rivers state before the creation of Bayelsa”


Now to get the proper context here, you should note that this issue has been ‘the flagship excuse’ AMAECHI has used in launching his JOURNEY OF BITTERNESS against GEJ – and you should also read how Ross Alabo-George debated AMAECHI on this issue at the meeting with him last week:

“You have blamed the president for the abduction of these girls, and your party has criticized the president for not having visited Chibok. Have you ever, as governor of Rivers state visited Soku?” I asked the governor. The governor asked me if there was some natural disaster of kidnap in Soku that would warrant such a visit. “There is no government presence in Soku, with all that oil you are fighting for.” I said. Governor Amaechi said he had built a modern school for the community. I countered by reminding the governor that the school had been abandoned.

Then we began to argue again.

In his usual attack line for his failed projects, the governor said, “Go and ask your brother that did the job.” I wasn’t impressed. So I responded: “It is your responsibility- it is a state project. You should do that, Sir.” For every failed local project of the state government, this perhaps has been the defence line. What is the business of citizens with the contracting entity?

I raised the issue of the oil wells and attempted to make the point that our [Rivers State] lawyers did not do a good job. I maintained that the 10th edition of the administrative map is still valid if the 11th had been confirmed to have errors. I ask him how the state would have achieved any good result in court, when it was so unprepared, with a survey office of the 80s.

As usual, he blamed the president for not implementing a standing FG order to escrow the funds accruing from the wells in dispute.

“Your Excellency, are you suggesting that Mr. President took the wells from Rivers state?” His answer was evasive, with the blame finger still pointing to Abuja. “


Please here is my question to AMAECHI – “how can you blame GEJ for obeying a SUPREME COURT JUDGMENT against your state? Or are you saying GEJ should disobey the court ruling simply because it favors his state of origin so as not be seen to be partial but encouraging impunity?”

I shall do a Part II to this article in which I discuss the details of this court judgment along with instances where Rivers State has won similar court judgements against other states; and in which other states aside from Rivers have won similar cases against some other states – even you must admit that this “Amaechi guy is simply a rabble-rouser!”

Read the supreme court judgment from


2 thoughts on “Re: AMAECHI’s ‘prime grouse’ against GEJ – THE SOKU OIL WELLS!

  1. Your articles are very logically dissected and unsentimentally analysed to the point of being an educational piece on the state of affairs of the government and the governed. Tragically many Nigeria today validate this biblical saying- my people perish for lack of knowledge… A good number of The opposition of today were memeners of the ruling party for 16years and then suddenly they become saints in 8months? And seek change. Question is what is that change?


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