I am a Christian and I am not an Extremist

My reasons for leaving the party are because I consider nation-building as being far more important than party politics, party affiliation or party formations. I am a devout and committed CHRISTIAN and I cannot remain in a party where a handful of people that have sympathies for Boko Haram and that have a clear Islamic agenda are playing a leading role.” – Femi Fani-Kayode


Last week, I promised to discuss RELIGION IN NIGERIAN POLITICS on my wall – and started some really steamy sessions on that – FFK’s comments here reminds me of the promise I made on my wall to deal with this more extensively – and I commend him for seeing through the SHARIAST AGENDA of the APC – the only party that can boldly consider fielding a Moslem-Moslem ticket as ISLAMIC EXTREMISM is ravaging the nation – something that even some moderate Moslems have confided in me represents the height of insensitivity!


I have spoken up – and very loudly too – at all available fora to me – about the complicity some of our Christian Brethren – many of whom have become willing participants in the planned Islamization of Nigeria by some interest groups within and outside of this nation – some who are well-paid and simply irresponsible bloggers, media men, rights activists, etc – who would never speak up against this nefarious agenda – but would rather continue to choose to be politically accurate and consistent in the anti-GEJ campaign – who now see the President “as the one and only thing that must be eliminated by hook or crook for Nigeria to make progress!”


This attitude of not understanding that ‘your anger against the President for any reason whatsoever must be separated from the sanctity of the Nation state‘ has now become the biggest DEMONIC MANIFESTATION within the Christendom in Nigeria today – as brethren would read stories of “how churches and believers are being burnt alive” and “Chibok girls who are 90% Christians are being forcefully converted to Islam” – and would still pretend as though there is no cause for alarm – but of course they along with some Moslems would never cease to remind me that “Moslems have also been killed in these extremists” – and my response to that would be “does that make it okay for Christians to look the other way as their Faith is being desecrated and have I stopped the Moslems from speaking up against Boko Haram when they kill other Moslems considering the Sultan of Sokoto, the Spiritual Head of Islam in Nigeria just did as well?

While some people have told me that the responsibility to ‘equip the Christian brethren with information on how to relate politically should lie with Christian leaders’ – many of whom have remained largely apolitical within this polity, I can categorically say that I know that these leaders do teach the believers in their congregations about ‘Christian Compassion to fellow brethren and love for all mankind including those are outside of our faith as taught by our Lord Jesus Christ’ rather it is these self-appointed wolves among the sheep as Judas was that have chosen to be anti-Christ even before the end of the times.


I call on Christians in Nigeria to review their ways – supporting the APC-political cause shouldn’t make you become an insensitive citizen; it shouldn’t make you sign up to the retrogression and possible destruction of the nation that you call home – it must be said that there is indeed “an Islamic agenda to rule Nigeria to perpetuity” out there – and the only reason why you can’t see it is that “you have chosen to turn a blind eye to it” – and older folks like Amb. Sola Dada that worked in SUDAN has spoken very elaborately about this – which interestingly is a plan that is being pushed in many other African countries and has worked for at least 30 years in Nigeria already!”


The Christians must know that “Christians are also qualified to LEAD Nigeria” – and we have always worked very well with Moslems as they led this nation yet the Moslems but be told in no hushed tones that “they must call their leaders to order and brethren to order” – and they must speak up more loudly against this agenda that many of them are well too aware of – they should drop these rhetoric of “there are extremists in all religions; extremists do not represent true Moslems” because let us face it – THE EXTREMISTS USE THE SAME KORAN [the same one used by the moderate Moslems] as the SCRIPT they use in perpetuating these acts of terror – not only in Nigeria but all around the world!


I have been a Moslem for 22 years; and I have been a Christian for almost 18 years – and I have met wonderful people on both sides of the aisle – so let no one tell me that I am not qualified to lead this discussion – and let no one tell me that I am a religious bigot that seeks to divide Nigeria – what I am saying and would continue to insist on is that each FAITH MUST accept the other’s RIGHTS to not only aspire to every position in this country – political or economic – irrespective of FAITH but to also hold on to that position for as long as the person is qualified and supported by other Nigerians to hold same.


I refuse to be part of a charade-of-a-nation-building process that says “Let’s not discuss Religion because it divides us” when these same CANCEROUS CELLS that should be killed from our body polity is being left unattended to because many of our citizens have chosen to sign up to this age-long hypocrisy of “Don’t say anything so that others are not offended!”


The nation of Nigeria must and has prevailed in the Jesus’ name, Amen!


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