Re: Twitter, Facebook, Propaganda don’t [always] win elections!

You remember there was an #Ekiti70Bloggers before #TheAmaechiIKnow Bloggers – the former had traveled to Ekiti suggesting to him that ‘ALL NIGERIANS are with him and that they represent the aspirations of all Nigerians out there because they are the youths and the future of Nigeria.

Well, Ekiti people were looking and laughing at they and ‘their client’ – Fayemi as they were deceiving themselves and spoke up LOUDER yesterday – and from the look of that, you can already tell what would happen to AMAECHI – and his haphazard and undefined plans for 2015 – the people of his own state would also deny his to-be-anointed candidate the guber seat; and he would lose all relevance in the national scheme of the APC – as the people of the state speak up LOUDER in the same way the people of Ekiti did yesterday.

He too would now come to understand that bloggers like J Japheth Omojuwa and others like himself are simply MEDIA CONTRACTORS who sell you the impression that ‘they have MILLIONS OF FOLLOWERS on social media – and that you must work through them to reach those Nigerians – and that if they endorse you by pushing your agenda on their walls, you would automatically be endorsed by all those Nigerians.‘ I mean the guy was so full of himself that he even threatened to live Twitter if FAYOSE won the elections – well like the coward that he is, hin still dey Twitter!


You should go to the walls of these bloggers and see how much of sore losers they are – in one stead, they are praising FAYEMI for accepting defeat and in the same sentence, they are suggesting that:

1. Fayose is a thief

2. Ekiti people are idiots

3. Ekiti people are hungry by selling their votes for RICE

4. PDP used federal might to rob APC of the elections

5. Ekiti people should be ready to suffer under Fayose having ‘rejected the prophet sent to them’

Well, with these comments and insinuations, these folks have once again proven that they are not DEMOCRATS rather they are a bunch arrogant pricks – who believe that the things they believe in is what every other person must accept and that those that oppose their positions must be ‘bush people from the Kalahari desert.

I call this Intellectual arrogance and dishonesty – where some young folks would think that because they speak and write in English and have some shade of good education and can afford an internet connection, that they must be the ONLY ones that determine what must happen in Nigeria completely ignoring those outside their immediate circles – leading the same lousy debates all over the place – carrying all manner of placards all over the place – and trying to make their own personal agendas to be the only legitimate one the polity must adopt!

Well, it won’t work – and there is more from where #EkitiHasDecided came from – these folks should begin to seek alternative sources of income and relevance [in fact, I would like to know which one @omojuwa had in mind when he issued his threat] – because their beloved APC is about to lose more seats at the state and national levels in the next general elections – and of course the party is never gonna smell ASO ROCK!

One thought on “Re: Twitter, Facebook, Propaganda don’t [always] win elections!

  1. Indeed it has come to the fore that we as Youth in Nigeria must begin to imbibe the principles of fairplay especially when it comes to DEMOCRACY. How much of what most of these bloggers know is verified truth? Can sit at home and “investigate” the person or allegations levelled against those who they don’t support? Well we are at the threshold of a brand new way to conduct elections, the Democratic way!!!!


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