As NYAKO as ‘Eric Cantor’ [updated]

A few days ago I had done this article in the light of the revelations coming out of the desert – then I wake up on Monday to the news that the Desert General had declared a two-day public holiday “to allow people of the state pray for its fortunes” – in an apparent move to frustrate the sitting of the panel of inquiry set up to boot out the General from his desert. LOL
Folks like NYAKO reminds me of Eric Cantor – quite often, you get politicos causing so much trouble on the national scene yet ‘they have been rejected at home in their primary constituencies’ – all of a sudden, a certain Governor that threatened to bring the nation to its knees “if a Northerner is not allowed to be President” writing letters alleging that “the incumbent President is a terrorist” now has 20 of 25 Lawmakers asking for his SACK!

Eric Cantor, the outgoing majority leader of the US House of Reps was a time even being considered as a candidate in the 2016 US Presidential elections for ‘the trouble and noise’ he was fomenting on Capitol Hill – and the next thing rookie young politician beats him by a landslide in the recently held midterm elections – Cantor had spent $5.2m on this election compared to $120,000 spent by the other guy called BRAT [how befitting?] – and guess what, like NYAKO’s style against GEJ, CANTOR did a lot of negative campaigning against the poor guy.

Well, I hear NYAKO now practically lives in Abuja running helter skelter to beg different people to save him from a problem he is facing in Yola – again, ignoring the primary constituency/job of being the Governor of Adamawa while gallivanting all over the place – and this again calls to question the responsibility of the MEDIA around our politics – isn’t it amazing how they at one time made this guy into a superstar without visiting his state to see what he is actually doing for his people – this attitude of picking the next ‘fake hero’ to push all around the polity without questioning the basis for such remains one issue that must be tackled within this polity.

Then it gets worse, folks like Atiku, who have been long-term enemies of Nyako have now returned on a pilgrimage back to Yola to beg for him – that is how bad it has gotten for the desert general – he is now a defenseless general that has his staunch rivals having to come to his rescue – perhaps he would do the honorable thing to resign before this insult gets worse!

Either ways, by force or by submission, NYAKO had better begin to prepare for his time in jail with the volume of graft published against him that is now completely in the public domain.


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