Re: Army v BRT Part II

I have just spent 33 minutes on the phone discussing with Oraye St. Franklyn on the subject matter – in the wee hours of this morning he and I had spent sometime on Stanley Azuakola’s wall discussing the same issue as the latter wrote what I consider a very annoying article on the subject matter.

Here are my takeaways:

1. Seyi Osiyemi aka Je N’Wi Temi posted this on his wall as the incident happened yesterday:

“Fact: An army officer riding on a bike last night, RAMMED INTO THE BACK OF A BROKEN DOWN ‘red’ bus (of one of LAGBUS franchise operators) on Ikorodu road. The army officer died as a result. And in a ‘retaliation’, unknown armed soldiers went on a rampage this morning destroying buses”

Now you want to place this comment side-by-side the other FACT that Seyi is a consultant to Lagos State Ministry of Transport – this begins to tell you how far our BLOGGERS are willing to protect ‘private interest’ at the expense of ‘public good.’

How can you have this guy distorting facts like this all in a bid to cover up what really happened?

2. For the most part of yesterday; and I know same will continue going forward – our bloggers ONLY chose to pay attention to the REACTION of the officers completely behaving as though it was UNPROVOKED – as though SOLDIERS are useless things that should be eliminated like flies – and as though they were not aware that these LAGBUS drivers had had their excesses reported too many times along with officers of LASTMA who everyone in Lagos largely now despise with a passion

3. Stanley, like many others go on to dedicate only one paragraph to the death of this soldier and write another 10 to scream about “how soldiers want to overthrow the govt of Lagos since they work for PDP/GEJ”

4. Well, it has come to light this morning that – “the lance corporal identified as Matthew Ishaya, that was killed was preparing to hold a naming ceremony for his newly-born baby on today, Saturday! And that the LAGBUS that killed him fled the scene immediately.”

5. The it gets worse, read how our indefatigable Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola responds to all of these:


“There is allegation that someone who was not supposed to be on the BRT route was on it.

“As far as I know, if something happens to you while you are conducting an unlawful act. It is criminal offense in its own sense.

“But it is really disappointing that public servants, and that is what soldiers are, paid with tax payers’ money, will act in a manner that has been suggested. But I am waiting for official report and whether the brigade commander has been able to identify the people who committed the offence.”

Fashola added, “I remember in 2006 when soldiers stormed the Area C and set the place ablaze. We just managed to reconstruct the command. If buses that citizens are complaining that are not enough are set ablaze, I do not know how setting ablaze buses recompense any injury that one may have suffered.

“I do not know how damaging public property is the restitution for any injury that may have come. For now, the only thing that I can say to you is that when I get the full fact, I will address the residents, to let them know what happened and what the state action will be.”


My conclusion: I am extremely disappointed in the Governor’s attempt to suggest that a traffic offence is one punishable by capital punishment; and further suggesting that the BRT driver had the right to murder this guy because he was illegally riding on the BRT lane; further rubbing salt into injury to suggest that this driver had nothing wrong. And of course he waters down the DEATH of this soldier by using the word INJURY twice and mentions his plan to take appropriate actions thereafter in a manner that he has already absolved the reckless BRT driver of this incident.

I mentioned to Oraye earlier that what we have now have is a group of educated elites who now get well ‘compensated’ to turn normal logic on its heads, once the positions they are pushing can be seen to be anti-FGN – nothing is sacred anymore – not even human lives – all you need to do to stay in the good books of the APC is to push any agenda and propaganda ‘they send to your mailbox to be accompanied with the credit alerts’ – and this is very sad – terribly sad indeed – then as I close, it jumps into my spirit that most of these propagandists would be in CHURCH tomorrow at about this time – that should be a good time for them to seek forgiveness from God!

I rest my case for now.

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