The Idiots’ Guide to the National Automotive Policy

I’ve been on a very steamy thread for 7 days now – which is already getting to 800 comments long – the bloke that created this did do to complain about “the impending failure of the national automotive policy” – he goes on to get a lot of support from folks around him only to turn out this morning that he’s actually never read the POLICY DOCUMENT neither does he know there is a dedicated website for this – which I provided to him within seconds of him asking for same! cars Guess what – when I gave him with these weblinks, he initially writes “Thanks; I’ll read these” and within a few minutes later he writes “Policies such as this one remain shiny documents without adequate infrastructure to effect their implementation. We are very good at excellent policy formulation. If you like copy the one whole and put it here, it doesn’t change anything.” Ooops 1! Here is one typical problem you have with a lot of the Nigerian educated class – they spend no time on research yet invest so much time in TALKING about what they do not know; and once you try to enlighten them, they soon say you are a GEJ PAID AGENT – what does it cost someone that wants to be an EXPERT on a subject matter to spend about 2 hours studying the subject rather than depending on the opinions of other ‘fake experts’ in making definitive statements on same? Well, I get back to the thread within Spaces For Change [ran by the indefatigable Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri] and rather than be thanked for providing the necessary enlightenment on the thread, I get to discover that I had been blocked from commenting in the groups! Oops 2! So I took the decision to save the entire thread in this 56-pager PDF document – which I have aptly titled The Idiots’ Guide to the National Automotive Policy [download at SPACES-FOR-CHANGE-AUTO-POLICY-2 or the HTML zip] – to allow others like these guys that might be suffering from this same same form of intellectual emptiness on the subject matter to avail themselves of some common sense about same. I seem to keep getting better with these titles…LOL

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