Re: Aregbesola v Omisore

The same APC Super analysts that coined the Stomachstructure phrase which suggests that “Ekiti people voted for a street smart tout rather than a revolutionary elite” are currently boasting all over the place that “Rauf Aregbesola would win in OSUN because he is a street smart tout that is closer to the people than the elitist Iyiola Omisore!”

Well here we go again – our educated elites are largely HYPOCRITES – they call FAYOSE a ‘street urchin’ and intend to win the next election by boasting to have their own candidate as one as well – who they say would be able to deploy all the same tactics used by the one they despise to win in Osun as well – so what is goin to happen to all the ARTICLES they have written; blogged; distributed to foreign media; sent out as research materials to people like Christiane Amanpour if and when Aregbesola wins?

Would they now coin another phrase called Acceptable Stomachstructure or would they also say “the will of the people has been done” – the same thing that some of us told them about EKITI for which they called us thieves – what sort of Party and followers within a Democracy would NEVER EVER willingly accept defeat; congratulate the winner; and move on to strategize for the next elections rather than either fomenting trouble; instigating the people against the state; ridiculing the electorate when they lose – and would only “praise the advancements we have made in our Democracy when they win!

Your guess is as good as mine – it can only be the JANJAWEED PARTY – the same one that only cares about POWER at the expense of everything else – be it the sanctity of the Nigerian state; the respect of our institutions; public decency & decorum; and most importantly “the superiority of the will of the electorate!”

Those that continue to follow this train-wreck-about-to-happen should keep doing so to their own individual intellectual peril – a word as they say is enough for the wise.

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