House of Cards – Season 3 starring ‘APC’

They say “It never rains but it pours” – that can’t be truer than what is happening to APC – after the initial whirlwind of propaganda the party spread within the Nigerian polity that got a lot of unsuspecting people within the polity supporting them, here is a list of 7 losses the party has suffered in the last couple of weeks:


1. HOR/Senate: Courts ask defectors to APC to vacate seats

2. EDO: 3,000 APC members and some commissioners defect to PDP

3. EKITI: Fayose beats incumbent Fayemi

4. ADAMAWA: PDP-dominated legislature are about to impeach NYAKO

5. CONGRESS: 3 of 4 signatories to APC merger agreement leave the party

6. OGUN: 10 APC legislators move to PDP splitting the house to 13 members apiece between both parties

7. NASARAWA: 20 PDP legislators of the 24 members serve impeachment notice on Makura

This ‘House of Cards’ is gradually coming down – watch out for Season 3 – coming to a cinema next to you soon.

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