As Chief Ade-Ojo as the Super Eagles

75 year old Chief Ade-Ojo, Chairman of Toyota Nigeria Limited, who has made BILLIONS OF NAIRA in personal wealth for so many decades by importing and selling Toyota vehicles to Nigerians; a brand that Nigerians are apparently addicted to [I don’t know what the big deal about the brand is aside from the propaganda of you can always get the spare parts everywhere] has finally being able to convince Toyota Japan to build cars in Nigeria. [Read –

Now this is news to me because this same man, only a few months ago, along with some other unpatriotic Nigerian car importers invested millions of Naira sponsoring anti-FGN Auto Policy initiatives in many Newspapers and they even got some of our famous bloggers to join in mocking this policy; their was to try to prove to Nigerians at home and abroad that “this policy was the worst thing that has ever happened to the Nigerian economy” – Spaces for Change, led by Victoria Ibezim-Ohaeri even removed me from their Facebook group because I provided enlightenment as to why this policy was a good one on a thread set up to bury the policy!


So I am wondering what exactly changed Baba Ade-Ojo’s mind? Na old age? Abi na new-found patriotism? And what becomes of all the lobbying effort he invested in against this policy? How does he look at the consultants he paid in the eyes to tell them to now begin to place Ads that would support the initiative – telling Nigerians that they can now look forward to buying Made in Nigeria Toyota vehicles?

I have decided to pay attention to this issue because “if a 75 year old Nigerian can do this what more do you expect of those in their 30s on social media?” This growing attitude of negate-everything-FGN-does by default is now becoming such a behemoth of a cancer within this polity – you won’t study what the initiatives are? What they stand to do for Nigeria? How many jobs they would create? How they would save us FOREX? How other nations that we admire have done similarly successfully before us even though we are using exactly the same templates? You’ll just jump on the lousy bandwagon of “it won’t work” – that’s how Nigerians display their own patriotism – by negating everything and anything the FGN does!

They have now successfully recruited so many non-believers in the Nigerian state by doing these – and once you try to explain to them how they are wrong, you’ll be labeled a GEJ contractor!

Well, I guess Baba Ade-Ojo finally did the numbers – he saw that he was going to be losing business to other companies like Nissan, Hyundai, Peugeot, etc who had agreed to go with the policy as he realized that with the increased import tariffs that would be applied to imported Toyota vehicles, fewer people would want to buy exorbitant Toyota vehicles despite the lousy addiction they have for the brand – let me explain this to you better by borrowing a paragraph from the link I provided to you earlier:

“The new auto policy announced in September last year, which took effect on July 1 this year, had raised the import tariff on fully built cars from 20 per cent to 70 per cent for companies without assembly plants in the country, with a zero per cent duty on imported Completely Knocked Down vehicles. The CKD refers to the total number of parts required to assemble a vehicle.”

This would suggest that the Baba ‘respects’ MONEY more than NIGERIA! Sad!

That’s the same place you have a lot of Nigerians today – for money, they are willing to forget about Nationhood – even if the money in question is not one that comes to them directly, once they can smell it, they are involved in the subject matter – and they must take sides to show how they reason – a good case in point was the Super Eagles sojourn to Brasil – while players like Colombian James Rodriguez were going to the World Cup making their nations proud – scoring 6 goals and becoming highest goal scorer at the tourney leading to an E80m [or N13bn+] move to Real Madrid this week, our own players were becoming ALUTAISTS – they were striking to receive $10,000 [or N1.65m] per match whether they win/lose/draw – have you ever heard that before now? Why?

Because they heard that FGN had earlier released N2.2Bn from January to June to the NFF, prior to the games – although that amount comes to about $35,000 per week over the period of a year, something that some of them in the first team earn easily in their clubs on a weekly basis, they threatened not to play at the World Cup; and the President [as usual] had to step in to fly monies to them – leading to them crashing out of the World Cup!

As expected, the same Nigerians that supported the likes of Ade-Ojo, COsmas MAduka [Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, BMW, etc franchise holders], etc jumped on the train “why should the boys play when they are being owned?” Nothing you explained to them about “the importance of your nation’s jersey” could assuage their angered nerves; they didn’t give a damn that the whole world were watching this show-of-shame by our supposed imported professionals – most of them who double as ingrates having hit the jackpots they currently enjoy in different parts of Europe by making their breaks playing for Nigeria – they and their supporters at home didn’t care that 1 Billion plus people were glued to the TV for 30 days watching this tournament.

Today, several days after the World Cup, in the middle of the expensive transfer season, as many other players are being transferred, left, right and center, we are yet to hear that our own striking Nigerian players have received any interests from any major club but for being linked to Grade-F clubs in Malta and Singapore – that’s what happens to you when you take your nation for granted – like the Yorubas would say “person wey think say hin dey do another person, na hinsef hin dey do” – then, I even ask myself, “Why would I as a top team manager buy such profane players?”

That’s the new brand of Patriotism that our newer breed of Educated Elites now preach to us – that of “Make sure you receive huge bounties from your nation before you even remotely consider giving something in return to your nation” – and once your own personal interests – including that of having your preferred politicians in office, running the affairs of state, are not met, then you are free to desecrate the image of the nation at home and abroad.

Unlike the way, folks like the ones I have written about would usually close their own articles, intentionally painting a perpetually gloomy picture of Nigeria, I refuse to weep for Nigeria – I am rather hopeful that articles like these ones would begin to inspire a new breed of patriots that realize the SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE of being Patriotic to one’s nation and hopefully believe that this would the much-needed elixir that would cure these negative patriots of their sicknesses.

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