The Constitution not Rallies made GEJ President!  

I am now officially sick and tired of these folks who write stuff like “Nigerians begged to make GEJ President” – arrant nonsense!

GEJ NEVER begged anyone to hit the streets for him to make him President – constitutionally, he was the VP and was mandated by law to act in UMYA’s stead in the absence of the latter from office – when the latter died, he constitutionally became full President and except you believe that “coup-plotting is a normal part of democracies” you shouldn’t be selling the logic of “GEJ would not have become President if you didn’t beg for him!”

While the busybodies within this polity were busy ranting all over the place about “the cabal” and how “Dora was cooking Egusi for them while also hiding UMYA“, GEJ was busy running government and the state; he was discharging the functions of the office dutifully, before he was named acting President and thereafter; and it is not his fault that we live in a nation that suffers from military + coup hangovers, that at the time made some people fear that ‘General Dambazzau would take over the Presidency to protect the interest of the North’.

It is equally not GEJ’s fault that other busybody politicians like Bukola Saraki, the then Chairman of NGF saw this opportunity as a money-making and power-grabbing venture by lobbying Governors to along with the senate, come up with the doctrine of necessity resolution; neither was it GEJ’s fault that the entire nation was enjoying the entire drama at the time – practically becoming addicted to same like it was a Mexican Telenova.

I recall doing a number of articles during that season – and my take was simple – let natural democracy takes its course; let our democracy grow from such a test rather than ‘politick’ badly with it; humans would fall sick and die; let us not run our democracy as though that won’t happen; we should learn to deepen our democracy by understanding that yet it seems at the end of the day that we didn’t seem to take anything away from that process – what some did though was “to equate themselves to GOD as being the ones that produced Jonathan as President” – what nonsense!

And only a few weeks after he became President, the demands from these people commenced – they must tell the man how to be President; what he should do; how he should do it; because as they say “they were the ones that marched for him in Abuja and Lagos,  in the sun and rain to become President” – did the man place a phone call to anyone that he was being threatened; did you hear him make any public statement while his erstwhile boss was sick that “suggested that he wanted to become President at the expense of the man?” 

Wasn’t this the same GEJ that maintained an extraordinarily calm mien as his earlier boss Governer Alamayiesigha was being tormented by OBJ? Only waiting for natural democracy to take its course before he took over as Governor – isn’t that the same man that turned out to become very generous to the same man who has been well-reported to have maltreated him while he was deputy Governor?

When would some people get it into their thick skulls that “God has a hand in the affairs of Men and Nations” and he only can ultimately allow for certain things to happen – and that even when some people think they are doing something to make that ultimate will of HIS to happen, only HE can allow them to do so – sometimes even against their own very natural instincts. Well proof-positive, a lot of such rights activists and so-called progressives, who would have usually looked down on a Jonathan as they currently do, were the ones that took it upon themselves to gallivant all over the polity to mount pressure on the polity albeit without the permission of GEJ to force same to reason along the lines of ‘the right thing must be done’ yet nobody send them work because the constitution was always very clear on what should have happened in that instance!

So where are we today – the same people that claim that “they wanted to rescue Nigeria from the Northern Hegemony/cabal that has ran it for years” who were screaming that a coup plot was in the offering to return Power to the North in the case UMYA doesn’t make it back alive from his sick bed are now the same people orchestrating to make a Muslim for the North to become President by all means necessary – straight; hook or crook, by 2015. They’ve now gone full-cycle – they’ve seen the light that “Nigeria can only experience peace and posterity” under such an arrangement having previously benefited from that for many decades – laughs.

Their now-reversed rationale is that “the same North they fought against are the only ones that really deserve to be in office by 2015” – and that the incumbent GEJ doesn’t deserve a second-term in office neither does his Niger Delta region that has fed this nation’s greed for more than 40 years – they project that the North should be given another 8 years in office to reward them for the 5 years they lost by the death of UMYA – all of these calculations they are doing without considering that the same North had hitherto ran this nation for decades with the nation not being able to show much for that while also telling the minority Niger Delta that “you know you only got into Aso Rock by error; you should be glad you got there at all!”

So their logic is to, within this polity, correct the imbalance they believe was done to a section of the nation by worsening the imbalance and injustice already perpetrated on another section of it for decades – what effrontery! These our intellectual stalwarts whose sole right it is to determine [without the permission of the electorate] what the polity should be discussing; how it should be reasoning at any point in time; and what should be considered taboos or not have now arrogated to themselves, the right of “We made GEJ President and we can remove him in 2015!”

Well such logic failed in the 2011 elections and it would fail again in 2015 – because the majority of Nigerians who thronged out to vote in GEJ in 2011 – 22 million of them at the time – along with the newer bloc he has won in the last 4 years who have seen him compose himself brilliantly under extreme pressure, have already seen the through the hypocrisy of these people – and they have come to realize that these people only care about themselves – their egos and pockets and would reject such logic as they have done recently in Ondo, Edo, Anambra and Osun – they will do so in Lagos; in Rivers; in Kano; in Borno; in Kwara; in Sokoto; in Abuja; all over the nation; on your street; in my estate; and everywhere else in 2015 as they troop out in their millions to give GEJ an even more resounding victory than he recorded in 2011.


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