The Constitution not Rallies made GEJ President!  

GEJ owes the Presidency to the constitution not “rallies”…


I am now officially sick and tired of these folks who write stuff like “Nigerians begged to make GEJ President” – arrant nonsense!

GEJ NEVER begged anyone to hit the streets for him to make him President – constitutionally, he was the VP and was mandated by law to act in UMYA’s stead in the absence of the latter from office – when the latter died, he constitutionally became full President and except you believe that “coup-plotting is a normal part of democracies” you shouldn’t be selling the logic of “GEJ would not have become President if you didn’t beg for him!”

While the busybodies within this polity were busy ranting all over the place about “the cabal” and how “Dora was cooking Egusi for them while also hiding UMYA“, GEJ was busy running government and the state; he was discharging the functions of the office dutifully…

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