Nuhu Ribadu makes it OFFICIAL!

Read what his spokesman, Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulaziz, said to PUNCH:

“In Nigeria, especially in politics, you can’t say that this is an exclusive party for the people who are thieves or this is for good people.

“It’s just like saying that all Yorubas are this or all Igbos are this. In every group of people, there must be good people and there are bad people. Of course, the good may be more than the bad or the bad may be more than the good in any group.

“But there is no any party that is exclusively for the good people or for the bad people.”

“It is not true that he (Ribadu) was desperate to realise his political ambition. This is because this decision was taken in the overriding interest of serving the people.”

“What matters for him is service. That is why even when he was a member of the opposition party, when government asked him to serve the country, he accepted the offer and he did a wonderful job that everybody hailed except those who don’t want change in the system.”

“If you are ready to serve the people, sometimes you will have to do something that is not even palatable to yourself.”


Here is my take on this – Goodluck Jonathan has played another MASTERSTROKE here as a Politician that doesn’t believe in the politics of bitterness and keeps no enemies – h would go for the RIGHT MAN at the RIGHT TIME that he best believes can deliver dividends of democracy to the people of every LGA in Nigeria – more of this will happen leading to 2015 – in all the G5 + APC states aside the ones where elections have already been held.

I am glad that the strategy thrust being pushed by folks like myself for ASO ROCK is bearing fruits – I would rather work with a man that consults widely and takes advice than ‘the wounded LION in Bourdillon’ who those in his party see as a tin-god! Truly, GOD rejects the proud and exalts the calm-spirited and humble ones.

Then for the umptenth time, I DID NOT DUMP RIBADU! This is how I captured this to Danjuma Azemobo Musa, who like others including Olusegun Mark Oludoyi have serially accused me of ‘dumping Ribadu’ for GEJ

1. I supported him while he was running for elections against GEJ and even in that campaign I NEVER insulted GEJ but only said I believed in Ribadu for the work he had previously done at EFCC.

2. He lost the election and didn’t make a fuss as a gentleman that he is – leaving the nation for Afghanistan on some consulting role.

3. I congratulated him for standing up for what he believed and congratulated GEJ for the victory – that is what a TRUE DEMOCRAT does – something you know nothing about since you are a SERIAL BITTER APC MAN.

4. Ribadu has not told you in the last 3.5 years after the elections that he intends to run for the Presidency in 2015 – and you don’t expect me to continue to tell Nigerians that “my candidate for 2015 is Ribadu” when the man wasn’t running – that would have been like you telling the MILLIONS of people that voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 to continue to say “Romney is my candidate for 2016” when the man is obviously not running!

5. Months after GEJ’s victory, I began to stand up for him seeing how BITTER PEOPLE like you that lost to him wanted “to kill him” – and that support metamorphosed into my endorsement of him for 2015!

You see unlike you, I am not a BUHARIST, I am not a bitter politician that must kill 800+ people; burn down 350 churches; displace 65,000 people; support Boko Haram to ravage Nigeria; and insult for the President for 4 years for losing an election to him 2011, I am first a DEMOCRAT that believes in the will of the people over mine and supports the growth of my country irrespective of who is running the nation!

This is the message you must preach to yourself and to your fellow BITTER BUHARISTS!

To those people, who will begin to dig up articles in the next few hours about how “Ribadu was a GEJ lackey used to destroy his enemies” and “how he was a coward that left Nigeria” and “how he has insulted PDP“, to you I say – You are wasting your time, you did same in 2011 when you wanted him to dump his ambition for Buhari who went on to lose by a margin of 10m votes – and a generation that prefers a coup-plotter like Buhari to an anti-corruption czar like Ribadu is definitely a cursed one!

I therefore welcome Nuhu to the PDP and urge him on to go serve the good people of Adamawa who are just recovering from the looting of their state to the tune of N82bn by the recently impeached Nyako of the APC – something the party is trying to so hard to bury!

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