Lai Mohammed/APC disgraces Nigeria on CNN!


I was in my dentist’s office this afternoon when I saw Lai Mohammed sitting across the table from CNN’s Nina Dos Santos – and the next thing, the rider was teleprompted to the screen “Nigeria fighting Ebola and Boko Haram!”

The first set of questions that ran through my head were “what is the opposition doing discussing these twin-issues in the international media? Is this what happens in other climes? When did the Nigerian Opposition become the spokesperson for the Nigerian government of Nigeria? And when would CNN interview the Health Minister or the Army Spokesperson who are both qualified to discuss these subjects? What exactly is CNN’s play here? What is this script being played out here – is this aimed to suggest that the opposition in Nigeria should take the glory for the successes the nation under the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan is recording on behalf of the Nigerian people?

Even my dentist – a fine gentleman who I could have easily thought had no interest in politics couldn’t help himself as he screamed “what the hell is this man doing on CNN discussing these matters?”

So here we go – Lai’s apparent plan was to suggest to the world that “the APC governments in Lagos and Rivers should be commended for curbing Ebola in Lagos and Rivers”  [with zero mention of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the PDP] while his party was the only suitable one to effectively rid Nigeria of Boko Haram” –  in his very words “Clearly when our party wins; because we are very confident we will win; we are going to negotiate Boko Haram out of existence!” Waow!

How does Lai and the APC intend to do this exactly? And why does this party keep digging the grave for itself as alleged in many quarters that it has links with Boko Haram, even to the point of a member of the European Parliament, Franz Obermayr (MEP), accusing the main opposition party of channelling the parliament’s financial aid to Boko Haram further calling on the European Commission (EC) to investigatealleged concerns over the party’s financial and political allegiance with the terror group.”

What exactly does APC know about Boko Haram that it is not telling Nigerians and the world was the next I expected Nina to enquire of the party’s ever-loquacious spokesperson – what is the exact talisman the party holds that it intends to use to quench Islamic Extremism in Nigeria “when our party wins” in the words of Lai? And why is the party not using that today, to save Nigeria until when it achieves this its pipe dream of taking over the government of Nigeria? Do you leave a lady you love so much to continue to suffer extreme abuse in the hands of another man ONLY until you marry her to then attempt to save her from the abuse she is suffering from the man when you always had the capacity to do that prior to such a time as when you marry the lady? What sort of conditional love is this that APC has for Nigeria? Is this what Nigerians should really be waiting for?

Then he goes on further to say “Boko Haram is not so much of a security problem as much as a leadership failure; frankly speaking – if this government was desirous, it would have defeated Boko Haram a long time ago; but, unfortunately this government is playing politics with Boko Haram; trying to exploit [the situation to its advantage]” – so it is apparent that APC is suggesting to the world that “this government is intentionally not doing much to curb Boko Haram” when the same audience just followed the triumph of the Nigerian military within the last couple of days as it killed Shekau, the erstwhile notorious leader of the sect; received hundreds of surrendering members of the sect after killing hundreds of others; and also captured the IT Expert that was helping the deadly sect post videos of the group’s activities while also managing its technology support infrastructure as well!

How can a party effectively sign its own death warrant in this manner nailing its own coffin in the process? Not even the Republican party in the US that was at the time locked in heated arguments with the Democratic party could have committed such a folly like this when President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden of Al-Qaeda! They quickly came out to rejoice with the nation congratulating the Commander-in-Chief in the process; being willing to lay down the gauntlet albeit short-termed for the good of the nation; so when is APC going to extend the same principle of fair play and more importantly love for the nation of Nigeria above its addiction to retrogressive politics to the people of Nigeria and the President of the nation? Your guess is as good as mine – not sometime in this century!

But Lai couldn’t stop himself – he went on again to provide the same moral support that the party has always given to Boko Haram, the same one that lone voices as myself has severally alerted the world to before now by saying “But then you must really address the underlying problems behind Boko Haram – which is: bad government; corruption; poverty and hardship; for example, unemployment in these regions is 77% compared to 61% on the average around the nation; so if you don’t address these  underlying social problems in the long term; by creating jobs; by making them part of this country; by making them feel wanted; you are not going to really resolve the issue.

Once again, with statements like these, APC has shown again that it is rather sympathetic to the cause of Boko Haram; how can they justify the killing of several thousands of Nigerians in the last couple of months on the altar of poverty? When this same government has variously offered economic amnesty to these killers which they have always rejected while also addressing these same so-called underlying problems he was referring to by the creation of Almajiri schools and the provision of huge support for Agricultural development in this same region? Is Lai suggesting that “if Shekau had been offered a job in an oil company, he would have dropped his bombs for a suit and tie?” Why has APC become the unofficial spokespeople for Boko Haram when the sect doesn’t even believe in the things that Lai was saying rather insisting on the overthrow of all Western ways of live in Nigeria; and enthronement of an Islamic Caliphate in Northern Nigeria; and revenge for all their brethren killed by western powers all over the world.

What has Lai’s fake postulations and theories got to do with what these killers really want? Wasn’t Osama bin Laden originally from a royal family in Saudi Arabia? Why then did he become the most vicious of terrorists ever known to mankind? Why are American, British, European young men and women who are otherwise enjoying good social services in their respective nations traveling to the gulf states to join up with ISIS to kill their own kindred from their own nations? Isn’t it not now so clear to even the blind that “terrorism is about negative and evil ideology and indoctrination rather than the state of the economy?”

Yet before the Boko Haram subject, Lai had earlier shot himself in the foot by responding to Nina thus “Ebola might look like a West African or African problem but really Ebola is a global issue” – in fact, he repeated this same logic once again during this interview.

But of course, he is right in this case, he only forgets so easily how he and his party kept suggesting to the world that President Jonathan should not be taken seriously when he severally stated that “Terrorism is a global problem that should not be seen as a Nigerian problem only” – so I am concerned with this presentation by Lai – why is he preaching to the world the same line of message he and his party rejected so vehemently?

Is it not also true that only last year at the United Nations General Assembly [UNGA], President Jonathan had delivered a speech in which he rallied the world’s global powers not to take the backseat when it comes to fighting against global terrorism; at a time that that it was assumed in many quarters that “the death of Osama could lead to the defeat of these murders” only for this year’s UNGA to coincide with the same global power’s decision to finally launch an onslaught against Islamic State in Iraq and Levante/Syria [ISIL/ISIS]? Wasn’t the President then proved right as even almighty America had earlier allowed ISIL/ISIS to carry out so much atrocities for so many months before President Obama finally acted albeit reluctantly?

Is it not a well-known fact that all these groups irrespective of where they operate from – in the gulf; in North, West, and East Africa, are all connected because they share the same training facilities and believe in the same doctrines? How then could President Jonathan have been wrong when he told the world those same words?

But if you feel, Lai already goofed too much within this 5 minutes his purchased from CNN, then you should wait for this next line from him – “and by the polls that we have taken today – 70% of Nigerian disapprove of President Jonathan’s work; and he has only 30% job approval rating; while today we are 40% ahead!”

So apparently, Lai is as much a poor communicator as he is bad student of mathematics – 70 + 40 = 110 [not 100] – perhaps the real reason Lai messed up these numbers is because no poll was ever conducted – these numbers are at best a figment of his imaginations – nothing of the such was ever conducted – as the APC did earlier in the year when it called for nationwide registration of members, this was another scam of a process – there was never a poll as there was never really any real registration process because if any of these had taken place, this very garrulous party would have gleefully and boastfully announced the result of these polls and number of registered members to the world providing the scientific method with which they came up with these!

This is the same way the party’s rambunctious youth wing on social media claimed to have conducted another poll – of which they could not announce the number of those that participated in same rather dropping fictitious results in the public space which was roundly laughed off by all and sundry  – like fathers like sons!

The conclusive truth is that Lai has just used this 5-minutes on CNN to announce to the world what some of us at home have always known of the party – that it is a pack of hungry wolves that only wants to secure Aso Rock by all means necessary irrespective of the true aspirations of the average Nigerian; my only prayer is that their now very predictable loss in the 2015 general elections would not lead this country yet again to experience another round of irreparable losses similar to what we saw in 2011 – being the cold-blooded murder of 800+ Nigerians; the burning down of 350+ churches; the displacement of 65,000+ Nigerians; the loss of billions of naira worth of properties; and the deep scars left in the lives of millions of Nigerians when its now arrowhead leader – Gen. Buhari lost the elections in 2o11 – I sincerely ask all Nigerians to join me in these prayers until May 2015 at the very least.

You should see this disgrace of a session for yourself –

6 thoughts on “Lai Mohammed/APC disgraces Nigeria on CNN!

  1. @south south republic: this is not a Yoruba affair and you should demonstrate decorum rather than being ethnic or parochial. The fight on February 14 is a straight fight between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. My Bible tells me however that the light cancelled darkness. Be rest assured that God is on the throne and we will not allow terror sponsor to usurp power in Nigeria. We need prayers and action to achieve this. Together we shall win. GEJ will win overwhelmingly


  2. Who is surprise by this yoruba 2faced idiot. Awolowo betrayed zik and he didn’t smell power. This yorubas are just bunch of hypocrites even the hausas are more trustworthy. Keep dreaming Lai why gej and pdp celebrate to the aso rock comes 2015.


    • Your comment shows that you have dysfunctional creek ubringing which prevents you from understanding that you can make your point without resorting to abuse or insults. The JonaDAFT that you are trying to defend has exhibited this traits many times and that is why Nigerians and the international community have rejected him for Lai Mohammed and the APC


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