BUHARI’s fake attempts to become a CHRISTIAN!

{I initially published this article weeks ago; and I am republishing it for obvious reasons}

I raised this alarm in 2011 – and I am doing so again today – Buhari should stop shopping for PASTORS to be his VP to hide away his ISLAMIC EXTREMIST TENDENCIES – he did so with Pastor Tunde Bakare earlier – used him and dumped him – that was after he wouldn’t allow the man climb the podium in many parts of the North during the campaign because the man was seen by many of his EXTREMIST FOLLOWERS [who later went on to kill 800+ Nigerians; burnt down 350 CHURCHES; and displaced 65,000 Nigerians] – as KEFERI [an infidel] for being a MUSLIM that converted to CHRISTIANITY – leading to Nasir El-Rufai being the one that took his place on those occasions!


Today, Buhari has moved on from the one-branch-church-and-lesser-congregration Pastor Bakare to Pastor Osibajo of Reedeemed Church, with possibly the biggest congregation in Nigeria – all in a bid to rubber-stamp himself as being one in love with CHRISTIANS – well, we all know that is a lie and that A leopard cannot change his skin colours – we know how:

1. The majority of people that BUHARI jailed when he executed the coup in 1983 were Christians and Muslims who were not extremists like himself from the South even though they were the ones that performed better in office – generally letting off his fellow Muslim Northerners!

2. His cabinet at the time was largely populated by fellow extremist Muslims from the North!

3. He had severally called for the full practice of Sharia Law in Nigeria in the past – the same thing BOKO HARAM has been calling for – and of course, he has severally provided ‘moral support’ for the sect by suggesting the group needs to be appeased!

Buhari of late has also began to visit CHURCHES – one some occasions claiming to attend weddings; well, he should be told that even the DEVIL could find himself in the presence of GOD – it was on one of such occasions that JESUS CHRIST rebuked him!

I call on all GOOD CHRISTIANS of NIGERIA to shun this charade in the same way I urge all GOOD MUSLIMS of NIGERIA not to allow a BIGOT give their faith a bad image by faking his love for his neighbours!

Buhari should go and look for a fellow-extremist VP candidates from the South-West like the ones who are well respected around the streets of BOURDILLON and stop using CHRISTIANITY as a bargaining chip to try going to Aso Rock!

This man no get shame at all!



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