I endorse President Goodluck Jonathan as he declares to run!  

Suggestions in some quarters that “the insurgency in the North East might lead to the cancellation of the 2015 elections” is not only baseless but idiotic!


This narrative is now been spread by those that also posit that “GEJ is sponsoring this menace to extend his stay in office because he feels the courts might disqualify him from running!”


You see – there is nothing you won’t hear from these desperately bitter people – irrespective of how dumb such conspiracy theory might sound, they will still go on to repeat stuff like this – interestingly, I have now seen some of these same people displaying their PVCs on their walls – speaking of how they are so excited to have picked theirs – why then are you collecting PVCs when you are also so sure that “there won’t be elections in 2015?”


Then there is the other school of thought – some of them also members of the earlier groups – that suggest that “GEJ has no right to declare his ambition to run in 2015 when he has not yet #BroughtBackOurGirls” – this is the back-up plan they have to the earlier theories – another way to suggest that GEJ should not be President in 2015 – my response to them is simple “No nation stops because of any incident; a nation continues to be run during a coup plot; a war; a genocide; famine; mourning; loss; economic stagnation; and any other thing you can imagine – the US didn’t stop running during 9/11; neither has Iraq stopped running under ISIS; and UK didn’t stop functioning during 7/7!”


Let no fake teachers come here “to teach us nonsense” – which of the BringbackOurGirls campaigners has forgone a birthday; missed a wedding; shifted their own weddings; postponed birthday of their kids; missed out on Shopping or going to Cinemas; put off their summer vacation; cancelled the purchase of their new home in LEKKI; decided not to buy a new car because the CHIBOK GIRLS have been away? I dare one of these people to come give me an instance of them being a unique hero in these regards!


If none of us has stopped running our personal affairs because of the current insurgencies then no one should expect the nation to stop running as well or that GEJ should not attend to politics which is an integral part of governance – and those that feel so strongly about this, should tell “Buhari not to run in solidarity with the Chibok girls” – shebi they say “he is a selfless man” – that then would be a good place to start displaying his selflessness!”


With this background well set, I hereby endorse President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term in office – this is the just thing to do at a time like this; as this man has turned out to be the only man at the moment with the right temperament to lead this nation; he has remained calm under extreme pressure; and he has remained gracious against those that oppose him without rushing to misuse the powers available to him as we have seen others in his position do in recent history.


I have spoken before about how my love for GEJ began – and I repeat it again – I always love the UNDERDOG; and that is what he was when he became President and what he remains today even as President; you can say the man doesn’t talk much; doesn’t address the nation every other day; doesn’t react swiftly but I say to you “the man has mastered the art of leading a nation as complex as Nigeria” – he knows how to pick his words and actions; and knows how to bring people together in achieving certain goals.


On security, the Nigerian Military today is a product of the WEAKNESSES intentionally set in motion for it by those some now call statesmen like IBB and OBJ; Nigerians should go ask these two men about “how they weakened our armed forces from a professional elite force to a largely political organization” – and GEJ can only begin to rebuild the Armed Forces he met; he won’t go to the battlefield himself; neither would he enlist in the Army – and those that feel more can be done by the Armed Forces even though they mock and insult the same Military every other day, should please help in saving Nigeria by joining the armed forces.


I close by urging all my friends, some who already do so openly, and others that refuse to sign up to the plans to islamize Nigeria to join GEJ over the course of the next 4 years in rewriting the history of Nigeria for the better.

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