The Christian Brethren & Boko Haram

OUR BRETHREN go to an ALL-NIGHT SERVICE on FRIDAY to pray for Nigeria and against BOKO HARAM yet begin to have drinks on SATURDAY talking down the HEAD of the GOVT you prayed for calling him useless and clueless; and we expect our prayers to be heard?

We pray that “SHEKAU and his cohorts be killed” but when we hear he has been killed, we begin to call the FGN LIARS and defend that he is still alive; we claim that we have the love of God towards our other brethren yet when we hear that their churches are being burnt; their homes being ravaged; and hundreds of them being murdered in pogroms, we look the other way even abusing the SOLE VOICE that dares to speak up for Christendom in Nigeria yet we expect that God would answer our prayers when he expressly told us “be good to all men especially to those of the household of God!”

Our brethren have abandoned our PRIESTLY RESPONSIBILITIES towards Nigeria on the platform of cheap and populist politics; we pray on SUNDAY for the peace of the nation yet come to FACEBOOK on MONDAY to issue statements that suggest that we trust more in the CARNAL powers of BOKO HARAM.

CAN A MAN MOCK GOD? Who are we fooling exactly?

I wake up with my wife, every other day to pray against BOKO HARAM and unlike others we are ready to celebrate that he’s dead 100 times till he actually dies because we have FAITH that GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS; when will our brethren abandon cheap populist politics to become priests again?

The earlier we do, the closer we would be to the end of this menace that has now unfortunately become a part of our daily lives; and then I leave the brethren with this question “How can we preach the word of our LORD JESUS CHRIST to this nation in an atmosphere of no peace?

So what really matters to us then? Politics or Evangelism? The choice is ours to make…

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