The 2015 elections: “Fashola v Tinubu” – the real contest ahead.

You know GOD always has a way of fighting for those “that remain meek in him refusing to respond to those that chose to make enemies of them!”

That was what came to my mind this morning as I listened to Jimi Disu’s programme on CLASSIC FM 97.3; most of the contributors who would normally support APC against GEJ/PDP all of a sudden have realized that “Tinubu should go and sit and let Fashola pick the next Governor of Lagos” – some of them went further by sending in messages like “OBJ and Tinubu should know that their hold on APC and PDP respectively is over and they should let younger forces within both parties continue from where they left off.”

Very interesting – these same HYPOCRITES are the same ones who have never seen Tinubu do anything wrong prior to this time and could never see his follies – the same people who have always rejoiced anytime “OBJ moves against GEJ!”

And this brought me to one sad conclusion – the educated elites in Nigeria still do not know what they want of this Democracy – in one stead, they reject dictators and in another stead, they want to raise another – and then they would also look down on the one that refuses to be a dictator as “weak and clueless” – they support Tinubu when he dictates in the APC, then oppose him when they themselves want to raise another dictator – Fashola; while the GEJ that refuses to impose anyone on any constituency is “a dictator even when he doesn’t do that” – as is evident from their endorsement of Prof Wole Soyinka’s “Nebuchadnezzar comments.”

In essence, they are the only ones with the unique definition of what a DICTATOR is – a meaning far different what any dictionary would offer you on that.

So here we go – “Fashola v Tinubu” is the real election in 2015 in Lagos – that would effectively determine who would become the next Governor in Lagos – this shall be fought along the lines of “Ambode v 11 APC aspirants v PDP candidate” – supporters of APC are now lamenting “gross imposition” – and 4 of them were killed during the primaries just yesterday [expect many more] – and they are threatening “they would vote for PDP if Tinubu goes on to impose Ambode!”

It would now be fun to see how “Tinubu + Fashola would scatter Lagos yet be able to work together against GEJ within the next 10 weeks leading to the elections” – perhaps they would need another visit to Oba Akiolu [as they have done like a billion times already with no results] to settle this one; and considering there is no more IYALOJA to settle this as well, one now wonders who would settle this kasala?

In essence, you now have a disorganized coalition that has spent so many months in BITTERNESS hating on GEJ when they were trying to bury all the heat right under their own asses; here is the full gist – Fashola seeing that his earlier option of Hamzat has been totally rejected by Tinubu and others [Hamzat is a Muslim and they now want a Christian] moves to Option 2 – he gets his BEST FRIEND Supo Shasore [a Christian] into the race in a last minute ditch to wrest the ticket from his own godfather, Tinubu – and the rest as they is history – Tinubu wants indirect primaries via which he can impose Ambode while the other 11 candidates now want a direct primary in which all the other delegates they can control [actually that Fashola controls] can vote in.

The summary to all of these is – Lagos now has a new Dictator competing for “Bourdillon Palace” – his name is Babatunde Fashola – and he is even more bitter because after being used by Tinubu/APC to fight against GEJ severally in the last couple of months with the promise of a VP ticket, he has now being pushed out of that as well – as Tinubu has brought in another one of his stooges, Prof Osibajo of RCCG to become the VP to Buhari [in a bid to win Christian votes considering the Shariast image Buhari has] – meaning that – Tinubu’s plan going forward for Fashola was to make “Fashola politically irrelevant in Lagos and in National Politics!” If na you nko, you no go fight back? LOL

In closing, I have always said the Presidential elections is not the real fun to be enjoyed in 2015, rather it is the Lagos guber polls – and my predictions are turning out to be real – and I am loving every minute of this indeed – and if you ask me, these dramas can only work in favor of GEJ!

[Note: I published this article on December 3; and the dailies on December have justified my positions – see: and

I have one advice for you though, try to avoid Muson Center today, December 4th, the venue of APC guber primaries…LOL]

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