As Boko Haram as ISIL  


 Picture: Leaders of ISIS: Al-Baghdadi and Boko Haram:Shekau

Side Notes:

Some of us have more clairvoyant skills – I wrote this article way back in November 2014 and then, last week, “Boko Haram becomes a Full Subsidiary of ISIL” – the loud messages here are:

1. Barack Obama’s administration got its strategy wrong regarding ISIL – and other potential allies like Boko Haram – especially playing the politics of ‘supporting the Nigerian Opposition’ rather than supporting ‘the Nigerian State’ even at the expense of the security of US Citizens.

2. A vast section of the Nigerian intellectual elites – especially those in support of the opposition – ‘messed up’ big time by playing the politics of “The present government is weak in fighting terrorism; and should not require the support of the US + Others to combat terrorism.”

3. Those of us that have insisted on [1] and [2] above have now been hugely justified.

I have therefore decided to re-post this article for obvious reasons “As Boko Haram as ISIL” –   —-

On November 28 2014, Boko Haram killed 100+ people in Nigeria while ISIL killed 150 others in Iraq on the same day – these two sects are now the two deadliest terror groups around the world – both worse than Al-Qaeda yet the US/UN/Allied Forces keep pretending as though they are not aware of what is going on in Nigeria rather choosing to play the Politics We don’t care as they did with Rwanda. The US is now spending billions of dollars to fight ISIL while it suggests to the world that “we can’t sell vital ammo and would not have our partners do likewise to Nigeria because of report human right abuses by its military.”

Yet this is the same military that the US and other nations had in the past commended for helping the world experience more peace as Nigeria spent billions of dollars and human lives embarking on many peace missions around the world – even at times that the US and others turned its back on one of its former colonies – Liberia – now that Nigeria needs the US and the world, they are choosing to play the politics of we prefer certain section of Nigeria to rule the nation so as to maintain a certain equilibrium in the nation and would rather turn a blind eye to the loss of lives going on daily in Nigeria while its media daily focuses on ISIL.

Well, it should be remembered that Peace in one part of the world is peace for all other nations – while the US continues to suggest that “ISIL is a threat to the Homeland” they conveniently forget that ISIL must have links with Boko Haram – and can choose to carry out such threats recruiting soldiers from Boko Haram to do so.

Then this certain conspiracy against Nigeria gets worse – the US is equally ready to drone Al-Shabaab targets, killing its leader among many others in a recent operations against the sect yet refuses to share intelligence with Nigeria because “it is not comfortable with the perceived corruption in the Nigeria Army” yet we are all living witnesses to how this same US under Barack Obama killed Osama bin Laden without sharing intelligence with the Pakistani government and ISI; why then can they not do likewise with Shekau and his soldiers?

The US has equally stood by as many of its prominent citizens carried the #BringBackOurGirls banner all over the place – further suggesting to the world that “Nigeria is currently being ran by a heartless government led by Goodluck Jonathan that cares little for these girls but is rather desperately seeking re-election in 2015” – this propaganda they seem very willing to buy from the Nigerian opposition party –  and its other loud associates within the Nigerian Civil Society many of whom who live in the US.

In the last couple of weeks, ISIL has moved on to behead Japanese Citizens; burnt alive a Jordanian pilot; all of these done in the full glare of the world – with videos posted to show off their wickedness – and we have seen the same Nigerians that seem to provide moral support to the Boko Haram sect [all because they oppose the incumbent President] express disgust with such atrocities – these they keep doing as the pretend as though they are not aware that Boko Haram employs the same tactics of absolute evil against Nigerians as ISIL does in the Middle East – suggesting that they stand with the people of the Middle Belt and others against ISIL but stand against the Nigerian nation versus Boko Haram – really sad, indeed.

History would appropriately document the actions of The White House on this saga as it has began to when when Hillary Clinton was only recently called out for her U.S. Department of State’s neglect of the Boko Haram threat while she was in office – look out for more of that as the 2016 US elections comes closer.

But it is not too late for the US to review its approach towards Nigeria – one that has become an open secret especially with the war of words currently going on between the US Ambassador to Nigeria and the Nigerian Ambassador to the US – the US should take up again its global responsibility towards the peace of the world – without choosing when to act and when not to by supporting Nigeria in countering Boko Haram and it can always find useful ways to cooperate with Aso Rock rather than always finding faults with it.

It is also not too late for Nigerians at home – and especially those abroad to pressure the US, UN, and Allied Nations to act against Boko Haram as they are currently doing with ISIL – there should be no gain with seeking political capital against your own nation as the Terrorism that you decry elsewhere is threatening to wreck your own nation.

[Note: I sent in this article to New York Post on November 29th 2014 but they chsoe not to publish only for me to notice that on December 11th, 2014, they had gone on to publish this another article completely similar to mine – so I equally urge you to read –]

Favour B. Afolabi, lives in Lagos, Nigeria and is founder and principal consultant at Online Republic Media. @favourafolabi

7 thoughts on “As Boko Haram as ISIL  

  1. Whatever affect the eyes also affects the nose! Most Nigerians believe the Obama lead US govt hated Nigeria for our stand on same sex marriages, and a reason why bokoharam re left to fester on the innocent people of the country


  2. I loved this article. As an American I’m ashamed that my government has seemed to shun this issue as well as the media under reporting it. Where can I find more of your writing? I’d like to be able to read Nigerian news/politics from someone in the country


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