As Lagos as APC!

The two biggest projects embarked upon by Lagos State Government under Tinubu and Fashola in the last 16 years are Lekki-Epe Expressway and Lagos-Badagry Express Way – none of them would have been completed by the time Fashola leaves office on May 29.

The Lekki-Epe Expressway has now been abandoned with the state having to buy out the concessionaire [with ties to Tinubu] for about N87bn, coming 10 years after the commencement of this project even though the project hardly got beyond 25% completion stage. For more info, see:

On the other hand, Lagos-Badagry Expressway remains a mirage with no end in sight even though the state has raised a number of BONDS/DEBTS for this project – both projects have had their completion dates moved up and down like a yoyo for so long until the present time with NO FIXED dates now mentioned for either of these two projects even though LASG/APC has used these two projects to buy up so much political capital in the South-West and beyond of how “it is a performing party.”

In essence, APC would be leaving Lagos next year with a DEBT Profile of more than $1bn equating to almost 40% of the total debt profiles of all the 36 states in Nigeria; this is coming from the same ‘Bourdillon Plc subsidiries’ that has now hijacked Buhari’s campaign and plans to replicate these same sort of Voodoo Economics Tactics on Nigeria!

Well, it is apparent that Lagos is the best example APC loves to use to brag to the world of how “they intend to transform Nigeria into Dubai in 4 years” even though the party is unable to complete complete the two most important projects it embarked upon in 16 years in Lagos state!

So, if “Lagos” is the best APC can offer to Nigerians, why should anyone bother consider giving them the huge task of “Nigeria?” – My take is such lousiness cannot be good enough for Nigeria, not in 2015 – and definitely not in a long time to come!

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