A Manual on how to respond to APC bloggers!

(This is how I gave a definite response to an APC blogger during one of our convos in a BBM group – as always with APC folks, he was beginning to throw insults and curses when real issues were raised by others – enjoy this manual on to shut up a typical cantakerous APC bloggers or Buharian!)
Funsho Arogundage – You claim to have apologized BUT you will still do these same things again – so personally, I cannot take your apology to the bank – because you’ve always done this within this group!


Second, DSS irrespective of politics remains a VALID AGENCY with a real job in this nation and democracy! This attitude of “because you belong to APC, no APC member or activity should be investigated is tantamount to being a coup plotter that seeks to overthrow a govt that was voted in by 22m of 34m voters in 2011.”


‎Third, this is why once an agency like EFCC arrests PDP members you applaud but when APC members are involved “you say they are being victimized!” When PDP wins elections, you say “INEC has rigged” and when APC wins, you say “Our democracy is working.” When NYAKO steals “N82bn from Adamawa as an APC Gov” you say he is being lied against but when IBORI is arrested, you say “PDP is a corrupt party.”


‎Four, that means, to you “Our democracy can only be said to be making progress, when APC is having its way” – the same reason folks like you have refused to castigate Amaechi for saying “APC will set up a parallel Govt when it loses” leading a Prof of Law Osinbajo who should know better saying the same thing on Sunday night on ChannelsTV – and none of you said nadda – even after Oyegun your Chairman said the same thing – and Lai Mohammed as well!


Five, this attitude must be nipped in the bud – this was how Buhari supporters killed 800 people, burnt 350 churches, displaced 65,000 Nigerians (according to UN Reports) in 2011 – because of this attitude of “Once we lose, we must have been robbed, and we must scatter the whole process!” Well, I’m glad that “GEJ has said that this time around, no such thing shall be tolerated” – folks that try MUST be locked away from civilization – and those that give such moral support must join them as well!


In conclusion, those of you that you go about with the logic of “Nigeria must change PDP at the center before it can make progress” are simply wrong – China and South Africa have been under the same party for so many years and that has not hindered their progress neither has “Lagos become a New York because APC has ran it for 16 years” – you should stop posturing all over this polity as though you have already won the next elections – because that is very far from the reality on the ground – because as you are making so much noise all over the media – buying up media houses – the real voters are reticent watching all these your melodrama and specialty at throwing unnecessary tantrums – and they will again reward GEJ for his calm mien as they reject your party in February!

One note of warning – the President has already warned that “a repeat of the violence in 2011 shall not be tolerated” – all your plans to form a parallel government when you lose will be met with the requisite force as provided within the Nigerian constitution – one could have taken such threats without any iota of seriousness when Amaechi initiated same but now with Oyegun, your chairman and a Professor of Law and Pastor – Prof Osinbajo reiterating the same position, then it has to be seen that this is your real plan!


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