Goodluck Jonathan meets Alex Ekwueme

Goodluck Jonathan meets with Vice President Alex Ekwueme in Enugu; and how Buhari Jailed him for 20 months!


Truly, a picture can truly mean a thousand words – to the younger generation, some of whom support Buhari today, they should know that “Buhari jailed Ekwueme for years FOR 20 MONTHS in KIRIKIRI while he placed Shehu Shagari, the leader of the government he led a coup against on House arrest” – showing that Buhari has been a BIGOT for a very long time before now – long before 1999 – after which he began to run for the Presidency on two occassions – only ever campaigning in Northern Nigeria – to a largely Muslim population – using local Hausa language – and only granting interviews on BBC Hausa Service and Liberty Radio – the most followed Hausa news media up-North.

Buhari has been a bigot long before his third sojourn to win the Presidency ended with his supporters killing 800 Nigerians; burning 350 churches; displacing 65,000 Nigerians plus the loss of Billions of Naira worth of properties – all done within a period of 4 days!

This pogrom was systematically carried out targeting more of the Christian populations in some states along with the moderate Muslims – and institution heads that they believed “were too friendly with a Christian Southerner President” and till date, neither has Buhari acknowledged that “indeed, his vitriloic campaign giving marching orders to his supporters to reject certain results from the elections” contributed towards these loss of livs and property neither has he offered any apologies to the respective families – rather, he, APC, and their supporters just want the nation to be on auto pilot in the next 34 days to vote for Buhari forgetting all his antecedents.


Well, Nigerians are definitely wiser – they even know that “these Buharians”
that carried out such record level of genocide must have also become the most potent recruits for Boko Haram as the sect moved into phase 2 of its wickedness against Nigeria and Nigerians immediately after the 2011 elections – only coinciding with calls by Northern Elders Forim [NEF] that “they would make the nation ungovernable if they do not secure Aso Rock.”

I urge you to share this picture/article with your audiences to reject Buharism in its entirety.

Thank you.

Picture Credit: The Scoop NG via Stanley Azuakola

Read what Alex Ekwueme had to say about his ordeals in the hands of Buhari’s regime –

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One thought on “Goodluck Jonathan meets Alex Ekwueme

  1. Do you guys have concien ce at all you tell all sorts of lies to discredit Buhari instead of selling your programmes to Nigerian and persuading them to vote for PDP the more the lies against the General the more the sympathy he gets stop shooting your selves in the leg


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