UPDATES – Amnesty International Research supports – ‘OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: “Less than 150 [Not 2,000] killed in Baga!”‘


Gentlemen of the press,

As you might be aware, there was another terror attack on the town of Baga in Borno state last week which left a number of people dead. Following that unfortunate attack, a lot of speculations and conjectures have been peddled by a section of the press particularly the on-line media regarding the casualty rate. Some claimed that over a thousand people were killed while others wrote with certainty that 2000 people lost their lives in that singular attack.

Without any doubt, terrible atrocities have been committed against innocent Nigerians in Baga by the rampaging terrorists who attacked and have been operating in the town since 3 January 2015. Necessary actions are being taken to put an end to the activities of the terrorists and restore law and order to the community.

To this end, a lot of covert operations including surveillance activities which recorded series aerial photographs are ongoing in that vicinity. It is however necessary to inform Nigerians in the interim that the exercise so far have not corroborated the report on the casualty rate which was put at 2000 deaths. From all available evidences, the number of people who lost their lives during that attack has so far not exceeded about 150 in the interim. This figure includes many of the terrorists who were bearing arms and got killed in the course of their attack and battle with troops.

It should be noted that Baga and the neighbouring towns have been under series of attacks and harassment by terrorists. In the course of this, many residents have left, leaving the population in the town almost seriously depleted. Many were also able to escape while the terrorists’ battle with troops lasted. The figure given by sources who claim to be eye witnesses must be an extremely exaggerated estimate. Unfortunately, this figure is now being bandied about in a section of the media as if it has been authenticated. It cannot be true.

It is pertinent to once again urge the media to be circumspect in adopting casualty figures especially the ones given to them by the so-called eye witness, who in most cases, are influenced by their own perspectives.

In any case, this is no time to debate about casualty figures or number of deaths as the life of any Nigerian is important. Much as the intention which could be with the aim of drawing attention to the atrocities being committed by terrorists group in Nigeria, is most welcome, the need for factual presentation of the situation is equally vital.

In case the aim of this misinformation is to further the design of those bent on discrediting the government and the military, all well-meaning people should consider it as a disservice to humanity. It is important to remind those who are adept at spewing falsehood or exaggerating situations with intent to embolden the terrorists and diminish the efforts of the security forces, that their actions are inimical to the safety of the innocent Nigerians who have borne the brunt of the terrorist attacks in our country.

The tendency to celebrate the occasional setbacks while downplaying the efforts and successes at containing the terrorists is unfair and very unfortunate. It is noteworthy that many international bodies are being misled in their interpretation of the situation owing to sensational headlines and stories.

The Defence Headquarters wishes to reiterate its earlier assurance that the military has not given up on Baga or any part of the country where terrorists are marauding. Appropriate plans, men and resources are presently being mobilized to address the situation. We want reassure Nigerians that no portion of Nigeria’s territory has been or will be conceded to terrorists.


A few days ago, we published the Nigerian Army’s position on the recent killings by Boko Haram in Baga; and just this morning January 15th 2015, Amnesty International released a report suggesting that the lives lost were in Baga was more than 150 – closer to the numbers presented in the earlier published press statement [See: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news/nigeria-satellite-images-show-horrific-scale-boko-haram-attack-baga-2015-01-15].



Furthermore, it should be noted that the Army had earlier insisted that the vast majority of Baga residents had already left the village before this incident due to the earlier attacks on the local population there and that there was no way the number of casualties could be in the range of 2,000 – one of the eye witnesss in this report even put the figures at about 100.

It is our position at FBA Blogs that bloggers should be more sensitive to the current stae of the nation rather than pushing fictitous numbers at such a critical time in the history of Nigeria as this one is – international media outlets led by the likes of CNN, Sky, etc should also be more alive to their responsiblity in being more factual in presenting similar figures to their audiences and indeed the entire world – because it only seems that they are providing more moral support for the terrorists to expand their activities when they push unsubstantiated numbers as this one.

It is also our hope that the bloggers and media desist from continually broadcasting and quoting this figure of “2,000” which seems to have become the official figure even though there was never any verifiable sources to back this up.

In closing, 150 lives could be as worse as 2,000 – so we do not present our position to suggest one is better or worse than the other yet only a Butcher who with absolutely no regard for human lives would suggest that 150 slain equates to 2,000 slain!

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