Revealed: Video shows HALIMA Buhari is married to Ali Modu Sherriff’s Son

MrsZarahSherriffWonders indeed shall never end – so it turns out that despite all the allegations the APC keeps throwing around about “PDP leaders being responsible for Boko Haram,” the presidential candidate of the party has his now trending daughter, Halima, married to the son of Ali Modu Sherriff, the very guy they have repeatedly accused of being associated with Boko Haram!

Guess what – the wedding took place as far back as December, 2012! Perhaps this is the very reason Buhari has delayed unveiling his wife and daughter till this time?

So here is the question – How many more things does BUHARI have to hide?

5 thoughts on “Revealed: Video shows HALIMA Buhari is married to Ali Modu Sherriff’s Son

  1. I’m sorry but none of the facts you have here are true. First of all, Halima isn’t trending, Zhara is. Secondly, that is not Ali Modu Sherrif’s son but his brother.
    Now, if Ali Modu Sherrif is bad does it mean that his brother too is? I bet you have one or two awful relatives. If people now start to judge you based on the others character how well would you like it?
    This cheap propaganda is getting boring. If there’s nothing intelligent to say about Buhari, then let us all stop with the cheap propaganda. Let us allow our Democracy to trive. Are you not happy that for the first time you are seeing real opposition in action? Do you want NIGERIA to die a single party Nation? Criticize constructively and let the best man win. Let us all go and cast our vote for the person we believe would be able to lead Us out of the mess we are in and tackle insurgency the way it should have been tackled a long time ago.


    • Best Comment Of Them All,we Are Not Expecting a Saint To Come Rule Nigeria. All We Clamour For Is A Positive Change. Buhari Represent That Positive Change & Transformation Out Of This Doldrum. Nigerians Be Wise & Vote Wisely Come 14th Feb 2015. APC is that POSITIVE CHANGE FOR NIGERIA – MUTATIS,MUTANDIS


    • Chinwendu:

      Admit it – you were shocked that BUHARI married his daughter to a SHERRIFF – even as his APC members have gone all over the place alleging that “Sherriff invented Boko Haram in Nigeria!”


  2. Jona and pdp should move over, all this tricks and gimmicks won’t work, even if Zahra is married to bin Laden and shekau . We are voting pdp outhe, 6yrs down d drain like that. Abeg jona must go (jmg)


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