Terrorism: Nigeria v France – A Tale of Two Nations

Enter: A Tale of Two Nations regarding Terrorism: “Nigerians holds #BringBackOurGirls rallies against its Government; while the French hold a Unity Rally in support of its Government against Terrorism!”


I have said it severally that it is Educated Elites of a Nation [not politicians] that actually direct the future of nations – it is the direction they choose to go that really determines the flow the nation would go – our educated elites lost it with Terrorism and it would have to take us all a while longer to recover from the mess this class of people has put Nigeria into – when this entire madness started a few years ago, rather than lay aside their “personal ambitions and beef” [largely because a vast majority of them voted against the current government and simply refused to forgive the man that won the election – leading to them seeking the opportunity to deal with him – the first of which presented itself during the January 2012 fuel hikes debacle] in support of the nation, most of them began to bring present all manners of rationalizations like “this is caused by Poverty; Corruption; Marginalization of some people; Lack of Education; the ruling Peoples’ Democractic Party [PDP] internal wrangling, etc” – there was no excuse in the world that they would not fabricate all in a determined bid not to blame the REAL CULPRITS – the terrorists!

So the terrorists who were testing our resolve as a nation [as they have just done with France] quickly found the moral courage to get bigger and better and having also found an enabling habitat in the core northern states that had historically accepted a legion of Radical Islamic Scholars as a normal part of daily existence, who had  preached some form of extremism or the other to a vast number of the younger generations there making it possible for sects like Boko Haram and Ansaru to find the right recruits to supply them with an ending channel of manpower to – the rest as they say is History – even with the leadership of Northern Nigeria threatening to make the nation ungovernable if it didn’t win the 2011 elections, the right elixir had been concocted – all things working together to get these terrorists to move more heavily against Nigeria.


Then it gets worse – the Nigerian Army [perhaps by extension, the rest of the Armed Forces] are possibly more largely blessed with Human Resources strength seemingly tilting more in favor of the Northern Muslims [in fact, growing up, there were times, I assumed only Hausa People were allowed to join the Military, my apologies – but if you grew up in the South-West as I did, then chances are, you did find yourself in my shoes as well at one time or the other] so it seems some of these Soldiers feel they have “a moral duty” aside from the one they have to the nation “not to fight against Islam” albeit forgetting that this brand of Islam cannot be the same “Islam of Peace” that many moderate Muslims profess – and that these extremists are further giving their faith a bad image.

You see, I am now touching on some truths that would make many of these educated elites to quickly call me names – chief of which would be “Jonathanian” and “Bigot” – but I am tired of being nice – these demonstrations in Paris was the very last straw for me – the things I am writing about are the very things that these same educated elites discuss at bars; during SuperSport Football matches; at malls; on the plane; during private chats; in Diaspora; all over the world – they are things that are open secrets but for which they would rather choose to be politically correct about when they come to the public space – rest assured, they know I am writing the very truth!

And if you doubt me, then I have one case study for you – a lot of those within this same class I focusing on happen to be Christians – some from the North but many more from the South and in fact, the South-West, have now signed up to this style of pretending as though they were not aware that “in the very beginning of this Boko Haram attacks, there seemed to have been a systematic approach by these terrorists against Christians and the Church” – they quickly began to sell the narrative of “actually more Muslims have been killed by Boko Haram than Christians” even though they could never be able to give you comparative numbers to those already available in the public domain to back up such claims even we all know that “350 churches were burnt within 4 days during the post 2011 elections pogrom.

This singular event seemed to have become the “the Official GO” that Boko Haram needed as they went on thereafter to focus on bombing churches especially on Sunday mornings – and I dare postulate that many of the culprits involved in this pogrom also became ready-made recruits for Boko Haram after the elections – and we also know that majority of the Chibok girls are Christians with the area being a Christian-dominated community even as we know that the Governor of Borno chose to heed the calls of the Examinations body, West African Examinations Council [WAEC] in relocating the girls in the other Muslim-dominated environs but refused to do that with Chibok!

It is also public knowledge that someone as eminent as Pastor Tunde Bakare, who was the then Vice Presidential candidate Congress for Progressive Change [CPC] running alonside the current All Peoples Congress [APC] Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Bihari, could only respond to the 2011 post election killings with rhetorics like “It is the job of the Federal Government to provide Security not that of Buhari“- the same thing the other supporters of the General, that fall within the same educated elites base said at the time, practically challenging the government to “dare arrest Buhari and see what happens!” Funny though, only a few days ago, the same man that practially absolved his candidate of any role in that crisis [even though it was widely reported he was instigating his followers during his campaign rallies to reject his possible loss] now prophesies “that there would be crisis if the 2015 polls go ahead – irrespective of who the winner is” – can someone please ask the Man of God, what exactly he knows of 2011 that he is refusing to tell Nigerians?

This is where our educated elites come in – they control the media; blogging space; NGOs; many of them live abroad  – in the US, UK, etc – and have contacts to foreign media houses; diplomates; politicians; and powerful leaders – they ought to be holding rallies and investing in lobbying efforts all around the world to compel the respective power blocs to act in support of Nigeria against terrorism and terrorists – getting the world to place attention on the sufferings of the North Eastern States in Nigeria in the hands of Boko Haram but rather than do thatm, they went about town with the perennnial, escapist and quintessential complaints of “Corruption is the very cause of Boko Haram; our Military is Corrupt; our government officials are lining up their private pockets with defense budgets; there are government officials in partnership with Boko Haram to fester this crisis to make sure they continue to benefit from same” – all of these allegations with no proof – as expected, playing cheap politics with such a serious issue as the loss of thousands of Nigerian lives in cold blood in the hands of these marauding murderers.

Then it gets worse – these same educated elites – mostly tucked away in their fancy abodes in Lagos, Abuja, New York, Atlanta, Texas, London, etc began to run another round of stories of “systematic genocide and human rights abuses by the Nigerian military against a section of Northern Nigeria with wild theories of the President from the South has a plan to wipe out the North to futher his political ambitions” in places like Bama/Baga – leading to many of them serving as consultants to human rights bodies and media around the world, providing such organizations with unsubstantiated figures suggesting that half of the Nigerian population had been wiped out in one night [intentionally exaggerated fo the very purpose of communicating where I am getting to] – so if you were an American, and you met the publisher of SaharaReporters on the streets of New York and he narrated this story [that he did not witness] to you, why would you not believe him knowing that he is a Nigerian and you have never been to Nigeria?

Why won’t that become “the official US State Department Story” after you narrate same to the lawmakers representing your district on Capitol Hill leading to such people presenting such phoney facts to Obama’s administration as the official position on the ground in Nigeria!

And the next thing, the Chief of Army Staff who had made the most advances agaisnt Boko Haram begins to be placed under heavy pressure and scrutiny; all the leading media houses in the West are quoting the same “unknown sources with ridiculously high number of casualties” created by these same Nigerian educated elites – and Gen. Ihejirika is getting calls from all over the place to face Senate and House of Representatives hearings; he is being chased about for interviews by the Amanpours and Zakarias of this world, and others to defend his actions – and pressure gets to Aso Rock even as the Northern Elders Forum [NEF], the same group, that only in 2011 had “threatened to make the nation ungovernable if they the zone didn’t produce the President”, threatened to take “Ihejirika to the International Crimes Court [ICC] for acts of genocide” – all of these going on as the leading opposition parties were merging into the APC – mostly supported by the same educated elites, almost to the level of having a cult-following with them.

Game on – the party had all the political capital it needed to become a major contender overnight – they began to reverberate rherotic presented to them by the subject class of “the ruling PDP government is insensitive to the plight of the people of Northern Nigeria” – and that became the official story at home and abroad – even US Diplomats and Politicians went on to repeat this same logic – nothing like the President building universities in these zones; the zone being the largest benefactor of agriculture revolution; constructing Almajari schools to get kids out of school to be learned mattered anymore – not even his numerous overtures to assuage the hurt done the zone [remember their leaders believes he stole their spot] by placing many of the of the citizens in key political positions could change this perception.


All these creates the perfect excuse for the US “to refuse to either share intelligence with Nigeria or sell ammunitions to Nigeria” – accusing the government of corruption -selectively choosing to ignore the very obvious fact that “Nations like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria” that they are assisting in the fight against Terrorists and Terrorism all rank far worse on all those indexes than Nigeria in the global comity of nations around the world.

The perfect trap had been set for the Nigerian government – it pulled out of such a seemingly unproductive bilateral security relationship with the U.S. in search of ‘greener pastures’ elsewhere – and the same educated elites said “it was never the responsibility of the US to defend Nigeria but that of the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces” – even though these same set of people berated the US for not acting early against ISIS in Iraq and Syria!

So I am guessing if you were hearing the name “Nigeria” for the very first time – or this was a thriller novel you were reading, you would have been asking yourself “So what exactly have Nigerians done or are doing against these very Terrorists wreaking havoc on the nation?

Well, that was the very question I asked myself when I saw the unity rally in France – Well, the sad truth is “Nigerians led by the educated elites have done nothing against the terrorists!” They have rather encouraged the terrorists even the more – there were no UNITY RALLIES against Boko Haram; the leaders of the North who want Power in the center by all means did not tell their followers “to expose anyone connected to the sect” neither did they tell their parents to account for their wards and make sure none of them has ran away to join these terrorists; our Nigerian community leaders in the diaspora never lobbied western powers to act against Boko Haram rather all they did “was to practically weep any time they heard that Abubakar Shekau had been killed” and begin to argue that “Shekau must still be alive” – and truly, in a number of days, once their HERO, the Chief Murderer Of Nigeria appears again in another one of his best-selling YouTube TV Series – to be heavily shared in record number of thousands in a few days, they begin to jubilate again saying “I told you this Nigerian government are liars; they can never kill Shekau!”

In Nigeria, Terrorists are super-stars while the authorities trying to eliminate them with are villains – there is no amount of ridicule that our military men have not received in the last couple of months from these educated elites – taunting them consistently as they lose their lives on the battlefields!


So you see, while the French seem to have displayed within the last couple of days that it has “Zero tolerance for Terrorists and Terrorism”, Nigerians on the other hand seem to be saying “Dear Terrorists, we love you because for every time you kill Nigerians, you help us expose the weakness in our current government and we pray you do more so that we can have our own candidate Buhari [who has actually not told us how he would eliminate Boko Haram] gain more support from the masses to win the next elections.”


Enter: Kayode Ogundamisi, the prominent blogger [he represents many others like him for the purpose of this article] who has been a social media consultant to Buhari even before the 2011 elections – the same guy that was allegedly paid by Buhari to mobilize other bloggers in his favor in 2011 [leaked emails were well circulated at the time] – he also doubles as media sources to global media houses and would quickly supply fake information to such organizations like that of “2,000 people were lost in Baga to Boko Haram” rather than the less than 150 figure reported  by the Nigerian Army!


He leads an ever growing Army of pro-APC bloggers [a lucrative vocation in these parts] who are always claiming and pretending to be politically neutrals – all who then begin to retweet such LIES; and overnight, the local TV stations, radio outlets, newspapers, human right bodies [many of them not bold enough to visit these troubled spots] also continue to quote the same figures and, voila, a fake number becomes “the official number” – nothing the government or Army says thereafter matters anymore – this lie must be continually reverberated to become the truth because this is how our educated elites have chosen to have this story remembered – so in essence, they have all become “Politicians” rather than “Patriots” simply because the vast majority of them do not live in these hotspots, they find it convenient to play “the number game” in helping their candidate Buhari stand a better chance of winning the next elections!

Well, this is beginning to sound like a horror movie, even to me, how can a people be intentionally working against the greater good of their nation for selfish reasons? I might just be considered for a Golden Globe for “Scriptwriter of the Year in a Drama Series” if I can get a David Oyelowo to star as “the cool and calm President Goodluck Jonathan” working under acute pressure as the people of the same nation he is supposed to be protecting seem to be more in love with Abubakar Shekau, the lead villain; one problem though: who should I cast to play this role – how do you cast a character with no real face? Well, your suggestions are welcome.

So I have a closing question for you “If you were a TERRORIST, which nation would you like to strike NEXT? The Nation in which 3.7 million of its citizens came out to support the President even though his popularity rating was quite low or the nation in which its citizens are carrying #BringBackOurGirls placards all over the place against the government even though they know you are the one that kidnapped the girls in question?”

The answer must be very clear here.

31 thoughts on “Terrorism: Nigeria v France – A Tale of Two Nations

  1. Mr FBA, I’m so sorry for mentioning ur family in my comment, but I don’t think I attach it with any abusive words, anyway I’m so sorry about it, pls don’t be offended.


  2. This is the most stupid write up i ever seen on this issue, is full of hatred against Hausa people after all suffering they are undergoing under this oppressive Government of Goodluck Ebele. May Allah save us


    • Engr R.A:

      My write-up deals with the ISSUES you might lack the balls to speak of in the public – so I have helped you do that – the HAUSAS are also not the only one that has suffered from BOKO HARAM – these attacks were also initially focused on CHURCHES that had others from IGBO communities targeted just in the same way IGBOS were targeted when Buhari supporters committed the pogrom of burning 350 churches and 800 Nigerians in 2011.

      And you should be praying to ALLAH to save you from BOKO HARAM who are MUSLIMS like you not GOODLUCK JONATHAN!


    • Engr R.A:

      Pray to ALLAH to deliver you from BOKO HARAM who are fellow MUSLIMS like you – not from Goodluck Jonathan!

      And HAUSAS are not the only ones to have suffered from BOKO HARAM so has many IGBOS living in the North even as the IGBOS were the ones targeted most when Buhari supporters killed 800 Nigerians and burnt 350 churches in 2011 when he lost the elections.


  3. I really find it appalling when people write the way you are waxing. It seems you harbour ill will towards a section of this country never in the history of this country have we had a lopsided arrangement like with this present administration as is evidence with the way the party is foreseeing it’s downfall or subtly challenge.

    Assume you have been out of this country over just the last six years on anything say 419 yahoo yahoo phd undergrad expatriate work. sincerely what will you in all honesty be looking forward to in hope and aspiration in this country with the present leadership. 6 years no matter what is enough to give this country the desired direction it deserves.

    We Nigerians forget easily I tell you there is no president at whatever time in the history of this country that even the cabals do not wait to see his body language as to the type of leadership he intends to give.

    I mean we all underestimate the power of sincerity of purpose and responsibilities attached to discharging the only few available position of leading a nation in the committee of nations. I feel for my country when people resort to become local chiefs as against commander in chief. its a privileged position.

    Please if you are in my age bracket 35 or less the magic wand is in the leader who is willing to serve with sincerety of purpose and has the basic capacity to appreciate the enormity of responsibility attached and discharge his duties with fairness and firmness.

    The beauty of intuition is natural in human nature that is when you feel something is right or wrong you know it is right or wrong. everybody feels it.

    Leadership is no joke and your question is immaterial.


    • Mustapha:
      I will be 40 later this year; and I was 35 when GEJ became President – so I don’t know what your generation intends to do differently for which you raised the subject of CHANGE?

      Second, you have shied away like others before you from the central subjects raised in my article – hopefully you would be able to address those soon?


    • Mustapha

      if you didn’t criticize the Northern Leaders that threatened “to make Nigeria ungovernable if they don’t secure Aso Rock” then you have no MORAL RIGHTS to question how I write about any zone in his nation!

      Second, I am master at criticising the YORUBAS where I am from; do you that with the North?


  4. It is not easy to sell a bad product even when it is well packaged, you can only deceive people once and not always. Lies can travel a thousand miles truth will catch up in a second. GEJ has done his best and it is not good enough for Nigerian except for pdp stalwarts and some paid agents


  5. Mr Favour Olaniyan,
    I doubt if you live in Nigeria. Your write up seems to be one sided, as if culled from media reports, newspaper clippings and all. Dexter has raised some very valid points I must say, though I wouldn’t back him up for some. The truth is, for a government that has chosen to be silent when needed most, he will get criticism when it needs the most support. That is the typical situation of this PDP-led government. I would only advise them to do valid things rather than use their strength against their opposition. They seem to be very good at that recently.

    For your closing question, a terrorist of course will likely attack a country where he is less opposed. But don’t forget the fact that, Nigerians didn’t start this placard carrying until her government failed to own up. The Government is always the first to respond in these kind of situations. Did you know that this government had to set up a committee before it could agree that the Chibok girls were missing? Seriously, Mr. Favour, my mind keeps telling me you don’t live in Nigeria. I rest my case.


    • Nuel:
      You got my firstname right but my surname is AFOLABI not OLANIYAN – and I have lived in Lagos, Nigeria for 40 years!

      The govt was dealing with BOKO HARAM for 3 years before the CHIBOK GIRLS were kidnapped – this was an ongoing crisis – so your analogy of “the govt must lead” doesn’t really suffice here – because the GOVT was already leading a war against Boko Haram before the Chibok issue!

      Third, all these melodrama about “Govt didn’t believe the girls were kidnapped” couldn’t be farther from the truth – the ARMY immediately acknowledge the incident but only GOOFED in announcing their release after being misinformed by the sources they had on the ground – so how can you say “a Govt that acknowledged the kidnap via the Army within hours didn’t agree the girls were kidnapped?”


      • Nuel:

        Futhermore, when the Army goofed, they acknowledged it – and began to find ways to seek the release of the girls – and you see the way you have narrated the story is part of what I what I wrote in my article – “the educated elites has deliberately sold some NARRATIVES at home and abroad” that suggests that “we have a useless govt that is incapable of doing nothing” yet when the ARMY succeeds, they all day “Why praise them, shebi they are doing their jobs?” But when they fail, they say “see them, they are all useless and corrupt!”


  6. Such a stupid combination, France citizens has to be in supportive of their government because their government always plan in their favor. while ur government busy embezzling money & givn presidential pardon to themselves because they’re in power. I dnt wanna talk too much, I just wanna advice u guys to embrace change this time. meanwhile Mr FBA, U & ur family can start d protest in favor of our government & see if d so called government will see u.


  7. Please do not label me a pro buharist by this post. As a matter of fact, I’m scared of buhari. I’m unfortunately, also scared of Jonathan. And both their media mafiosos. Here’s why.

    You claim that the very first onslaught of terrorism in the country was the 2012 subsidy protest, a fact which quick common sense would disprove. I was in Lagos at the time of the protests. None of the protesters bore arms or such. They did not seek to topple the government as was the request of many other protested across the region at the time. Despite the fact that the administration failed to handle the situation without the tragic loss of lives. Still, even after being blackmailed by the then NLC hierarchy, Nigerians forgave and moved on. To date, the issues in question have not been resolved: there are no new refineries, no marketers in jail for the subsidy scam, and every now and then we still have shortages (albeit mild ones). In retrospect, in the Oct 1 bombing episode b4 that time, Nigerians were solidly behind the president (even with his suspect utterances – I know who’s responsible, mend did not do this – when mend itself had claimed responsibility for the attack. The same mend today is antagonizing GEJ).

    Then GEJ began and continued to bow to pressure on topics he should have stood his ground in the guise of political correctness, while displaying political stubbornness in irrelevant circumstances such as the MAULAG fiasco. Jonathan singularly became the architect of his downfall. He enabled the formation of a similarly strong opposition party to the PDP, refused to tackle politicians whose utterances were violence inciting until they became stale, promised and failed time after time to revamp the electricity sector (I strongly posit that if he had even done this, even if insecurity was at its climax like in somalia, he would rest assured of his incumbency), instituted coldwars with former party loyalists such as the Nigeria governors forum and surrounded himself with northerners, abandoning the south on whose shoulders he rode to power, while taking hard stances on irrelevant issues such as sanusi’s 20billion claim, super eagles failure @ 2010 world cup, and of recent, Tambuwals defection. In between, he somehow cultivated the bad image of being more corrupt than IBB.in short, it is because of this ineptitude on the part of GEJs administration that Ihejirika had to go.

    As though the hole wasnt deep enough as it were, by refusing to pursue to logical conclusion as France has done, incidental acts of terror, GEJ opened the doors for a tsunami of it. From the force headquarter bombing, nyanya bombings, the air force base overrun, and acts of holistic terror such as the chibok fiasco, the murder of 80 boys in the region prior, boko haram has now graduated to holding territories and instigating massacres. bama, bags, mubi, gworza to name a few. The initial predisposition of GEJ to target christians should have been enough teason for GEJ to stamp it out mercilessly in the name of protecting ligious freedoms, not acceding to armtwisting by the northern political class. But recalling that he, like Ironsi had made the unfortunate mistake of surrounding himself with northerners, this was difficult to accomolish. The southwest obviously saw this as insulting. Soldiers from the south south were deployed to quell the subsidy unrest. Could the same idea not have been employed here? And why is there still an inability to address the rot in the defense sector? The chibok embarrassment resulted because of this same attitude. GEJs administration began by denying the report claiming it to b the work of detractors, then when it was no longer deniable, they downscaled the level of carnage. They told us that the number of girls kidnapped were 100something of which they claimed they had rescued about 50 only for it to surface that more than 270something were kidnapped and that none escaped as a result of military intervention. Still, the Nigerian government failed to act until #bringbackourgirls gathered momentum. By all indications, Hollande did not make this mistakes. Till today, not one of those girls have return by mrans of government intervention whereas, Hollande’s government long identified and killed the charlie hebdo attackers and apologized to the citizenry for not being able to prevent the incident. GEJ didn’t even go to visit the town whereas Hollande was present for the burial of some of the victims. Instead, all we got from GEJs government was ‘Chai! There is God oo.’ Soyinka who today supports the GEJ campaign for reason of GMBs past had no words of sympathy then, for GEJ. Incidentally, the same thing GEJ was guilty of during the chibok saga, to wit, denial, is what he’s guilty of even now. If the claim of 2000+ dead in Baga is false, why is GEJ keeping mum? This is why his woes would continue: the US recorded a death toll of 3000 in 9/11, within the hour, Bush was on live TV. Black Sunday occurred the next year, Obj was in Ikeja and Ejigbo in a matter of days. In fact, let’s leave that aspect.

    And come now to the aspect of economics according to GEJ. Contrary to your claim that the US became unsupportive of us because of the way our elite carry our image to them, US belligerence to Nigeria has always existed and escalated from the tail end of objs administration when he, bolstered by Nigeria’s financial independence from the west for the first time in a long while refused the establishment of africom here coupled with his role in the Charles Taylor incident. In 2008 Obama became president and his first African visit quickly made it discerning to the trained eye that he was anti-nigerian. Yar’adua, the wise but slow president acted accordingly, quickly establishing ties with the east and reviving the transsaharan pipeline project. When Jonathan came on board and the abdulmuttalab incidence occurred, he should’ve realised the need to play cautious with the country who wasted no time in placing us in their foreign terrorist watchlist. Or maybe after Obama boycotted us yet again in his second visit to Africa… No, maybe when Iwealas bud for world bank presidency was scuttled by the us. Since then, they’ve gone ahead to stop purchasing oil from us, stop selling weapons to us and reduced aid influx to the country. In turn, we have since that time approved of their war in Libya, accepted their half handed aid to the war on terror, honored their sanctions on countries that would have been of help to us and as of recent, helped the scuttle a UN verdict on Palestine. If Nigeria has tried without success to get the US to be friends with us again, and it is clear that our relationship is no longer profitable, what’s wrong with turning to the east and the bricks as progressive nations have begun to do? And purchasing needed armaments from them? Without bungling it?

    So in answer to your questions, of course Nigeria is more of a terrorist haven than France but only because GEJs incompetence has made it so.


    • Dexter:
      I never posited that “Terrorism started after the fuel hikes crises” rather that “the educated elites that supported the opposition in the 2011 elections used this opportunity to launch a massive salvo against the Jonathan administration that has not stopped till date!”


      • Dexter:
        You raised a couple of other issues – I don’t see how “MAULAG” could have become a NATIONAL ISSUE up for the debate if not the same issue of “Blind Negation” that I mentioned in my article – a President tries to RENAME of the most respected schools in the nation in honour of the BIGGEST HERO of this democracy in the same STATE where he was arrested before being killed – and the whole things turns into some Madness! Do you think such a thing would have happened with Martin Luther King in the same state he was murdered?

        This is one of those classic examples of the negative direction I mentioned in my article that the educated elites push this polity to – they turn things upside-down for their own selfish reasons.


      • Dexter:

        I obviously cannot respond to the rest of your rhetoric – it is the same things that has been routinely reverberated within this polity too many times in the past – too many of them are devoid of anything that you can say is the reason why “The Nigerian educated elites seem to LOVE TERRORISTS and HATE the Authorities fighting the terrorists” – which is the very core behind this article – you can have political differences against the President but you must as the FRENCH just proved support its efforts to protect your nation – anything short of that is tantamount to bigotry!


  8. @AkinMore, have really seen so much of it from our current president. And please, I really do not mean to be defensive of him. I’m just being truthful. The man has pointed us in a direction of Oneness and Synergy as our greatest tools to achieving all we desire as a nation. But, many of us, for lack of understanding of this, choose to bicker and fight, and contend that he is not dramatic about it like we would want, forgetting that drama is never real.


  9. Hmm! Well said and thoughtful. I’ve always said it time and time again. Its not a leader that changes a nation, he only gives it a direction by casting a vision. Maybe I have not seen more of that from our current President. But to be more objective, what’s our problem actually? We have a people that won’t change themselves first crying for their President to change. Change is our duty and responsibility, if anything must change then we must change first. Even if we have a perfect man as our leader it won’t change anything if we don’t change. Its our fight and we must all approach it headlong together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Akinmore

      This modern day activism of THROW OUT THE BABY WITH THE BATHWATER is very dangerous for our nation – there is this default attitude to negate anything the Presidency does irrespective of the good intentions behind such – and those that perpetrate such intellectual forget that the entire nation loses thereby. There must be times to be PARTISAN or be a PATRIOT; and with some applicable wisdom, any citizen can even find a balance between both of these ideals at the same time.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Reply to the Author:

        Lie 1: The reaction of #BringBack OurGirls was reactive when your Lord refused to do the needful. How long did it take the govt of Nigeria to agree that some girls were missing? How long did it take the french government to route the perpetrators?
        Why are you lying so much and twisting the truth? What do you stand to gain? The Esau’s morsel at the cost of your children’s Destiny? Check out all the facts before these government, and after. Foreign reserves, Inflation, even the most basic fundamentals of a government: Security. I wonder what it will take to call a spade a spade instead of blaming the elites. Is the power of governance and control in the hand of the elite?

        Tell me if France or the Nations you mention do not have Oppositions. You have a short lived memory else you will remember that all the so called elites and the population you are blaming today were responsible for Jonathan to become president, Everyone fought for him, how did he manage to turn everyone against him instead of winning more? If I give you lot of money and you lost it all, is it the fault of the money?
        Think of your unborn Children before you receive money to taint the truth.
        Your rationale and mindset begs for urgent attention my dear Esau. Thank you.


      • @aerodott:
        Your comments pays more attention to PARTISANSHIP rather than PATRITOTISM – you are more infatuated with playing Politics than really dealing with the issue of SECURITY of your nation – why is that so?


      • Exactly, its always better to look beyond the politics. I think we are our problem and they also our leaders too be it the Presidency or the opposition. The hate down here took the hate up there. I would say I have thick skin for both. Just a lot is wrong with us but am not putting down my patriot guard now. We’ve got to keep speaking and acting.


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