PDP: “Buhari’s Certificate Forged!”

250px-Femi_fani_kayodePress Statement by Femi Fani-Kayode

The Director Media

Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organization


Gentlemen of the Press,

Yesterday, 21st of January, 2014, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Gen Muhammadu Buhari addressed a Press Conference where he attempted to explain the series of controversies surrounding his academic qualifications especially the Secondary School Certificate.

Again, the APC candidate, rather than provide a conclusive proof that he possesses this minimum qualification, went into a session of blame game and shifting of what ordinarily ought to be his personal responsibility as he said and I quote “I have formally requested my old school, Provisional Secondary School Katsina, which is now known as Government College, Katsina, to make available the Schools copy of the result of the Cambridge West African Schools Certificate.”

It is unfortunate that the more Gen Buhari tries to extricate himself from the crisis, the more he stumbles into a new phase in the unfolding narrative of his obvious complicity in a matter that borders on perjury and which has called his avowed integrity to question.

It is quite unfortunate that a few hours after Gen Buhari’s Press conference, some documents appeared on various Media platforms purporting to be the APC candidate’s results released by his old school.

Having carefully studied the statement of Result signed by the “school principal” and an “examination officer” of the Government College, Katsina, as well as the attached document titled University of Cambridge West Africa School Certificate 1961, we wish to make the following observations and comments:

The results sheet which was attributed to the Cambridge examination body is clearly a super imposition of one document on another as you will shortly see in the enlarged image of the result sheet as published. The column lines on the part where names are printed do not align with the blank columns while there is an introduction of extraneous lines on some other columns.

The document contains an obvious alteration on the Mathematics column of the candidate, Mohamed Buhari, who was assumed to have scored an “F” in the subject. This raises a very fundamental issue of validity in view of the fact that the accompanying result sheet states that “any alteration or erasure renders this statement of Results invalid.” This is the standard practice in all interpretation of documents especially academic records. The question we put to Gen Buhari and his party is whether this alteration was done by the University of Cambridge.

One of the footnotes on the document purportedly issued by the University of Cambridge says “the results of this candidate in all subjects except English Language have been carried forward from the 1960 examination.” The question arising from this is: When exactly did Buhari sit for all the other subjects claimed to have been passed in the Secondary School Examination?

Our conclusion from all these is that the documents purportedly released by Government College (Pilot) Katsina, upon which the APC Presidential candidates hopes to bury the doubt about his eligibility for next month’s election are forged, manipulated and fraudulently procured. They are therefore untenable in fact and in law.

We do not know who the authors and masterminds of this forgery are but whoever they are, we urge them to come forward and be identified.

If they fail to come forward voluntarily, we hereby call on the Police and other security Agencies to seek them out, find them, arrest them, interrogate them and prosecute them in accordance with the laws of the land.

We reiterate our call on Gen Buhari to submit himself to the police to answer charges of perjury, having lied on oath about his academic qualifications. This is what a man who claims to represent integrity and due process ought to do in this situation.


View this PDF document FEW-QUESTION-FOR-NIGERIANS for yourself to see this monumental fraud was perpetrated –

It is truly amazing to see how far APC is willing to travel to mislead Nigerians!

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16 thoughts on “PDP: “Buhari’s Certificate Forged!”

  1. I am just surprise about the game playing by PDP in terms of Buhari certificate. This is the man that had contested as presidential candidate at least fourth time. My question is that, for all previous time he contested why the issue of his certificate was not raise? Had he not submitted the same certificate in question to inec in the recent past? Now that he had more supporter ever than before has make PDP panic and troubled.
    Well, in God we trust. Nigeria we move forward.


  2. @all of you talking on dis forum, everybody is saying GMB is bad. GEJ is not good, can someone point out a saint? is FFK? is it GEJ? is it madueke? is it GMB? is Iweala? name dem all and tell me d saint among dem. all I knw is DAT, Only God knows who’s d best for us. as for me, I can’t kill myself for anybody nor Sell my integrity cos of dem. dey worth it not.


  3. Bambo… Lolz you’re so wise man… Lolz…. Go look at his previous records and regime, you’ll know the truth. Buhari caused havoc in this nation. Am not a supporter of PDP, they are filled with liars and deceivers, but on this occasion, I’d chose Jonathan. At least in terms of agriculture, power he’s tried, and a little of infrastructure. What does Buhari know about policies? I’ve watched him campaign and it was arrant nonsense, he’s an ex military General. A true man that loves his nation would suit to advice the leader as an elder statesman, and if the leader does not listen, he can then take some reasonable measures. But ever since Buhari lost to Jonathan last time, he’s criticized him, his boys have insulted Jonathan, even after the elections, his puppets unleashed mayhem on innocent people. And you say he’s worth being given a chance? When Bokoharam started, he and the sultan of Sokoto never condemned it until he was attacked and the mosques started getting bombed before he did. Am not foolish enough to be blinded by his new “facade” please. The polls will tell. It’s the West I pity.


  4. PDP: Buhari where is your certificate?
    Buhari: It’s with the army
    Army: We don’t have it, he never produced it when being recruited, he showed a letter of recommendation from his principal starting he’s qualified and he FAILED MATHS, but passed others, here are the documents.
    PDP: Buhari where is your certificate, the army has shown proof that they are not with it. And you didn’t pass mathematics.
    Buhari: I’ve asked my former school to send it to me, it will be available to the media soon. But I PASSED MATHEMATICS, and others. And I attended school with Yar’adua, etc.
    PDP: INEC, why did you allow him to contest the elections when he never presented his result?
    INEC: he presented an affidavit he SWORE IN COURT THAT HIS RESULT WAS WITH THE ARMY.
    PDP: Army, why was he promoted and taken up in ranks till he became a General even when he didn’t pass mathematics? Why was he even taken in the army?
    Army: (mute)
    Press: Here is Buhari’s result, he PASSED MATHEMATICS. But the letter of recommendation sent to the army says he FAILED MATHEMATICS.
    Me: Mr “Integrity” went to court, and swore that his result was with the army, and it wasn’t. He lied under oath. Mr “zero tolerance for corruption” then came up and said he had just REQUESTED THE SCHOOL to send him his result after telling us IT WAS WITH THE ARMY. The letter of recommendation HE SENT TO THE ARMY SAID HE FAILED MATHEMATICS, but the result “the school” sent to the press says he PASSED MATHEMATICS. could the school have made a mistake on “Mr Change’s” result before or what? Why is there so much controversy about his result if he is really so clean and not corrupt and also incorruptible?
    He says it’s with the army, the army denies and faults the claims, he doesn’t even say anything about it again but says he had sent for it from the school. Why would you swear affidavit in court and then lie that it’s in the army when it wasn’t, he then says he has sent for it. If you could lie about ordinary result and certificate, why would you claim you’d fight corruption? You lie about results, that’s corruption. You don’t have to embezzle to be corrupt. You swear wrongly in court and then go to run elections, then you’re corrupt no questions. You can’t fight it. Nigerians don’t see this, they see a “clean, incorruptible man”. Blinded by ethnicity. Yorubas, do you think that his vice president would have any say if he gets into power? A vice president only goes as far as the president allows. When Buhari got into power as a military leader, he cancelled all contracts Shagari awarded in the South and left those in the North. You dared not challenge him, you’ll die!! You want him to rule again? God forbid! I don’t like Jonathan much, but I’d rather that he ruled over me than that imposter. Murderer. Illiterate. He should go and remain an elder statesman at his age. A fool at 72.

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  5. @Benson, you are so deluded to think running a govt does not need a proper evidence of education. How do you reason; forward or backwards? Do you pray that education should die in Nigeria? Do you like to have a say whenever you are not comfortable or be jailed for protesting? Think my friend, think!


  6. am suprise at the nigerians who are suporting buhari! a man who dont have ordinary school cert to rule us rather he went on to forged a result,and u are telling me we change nigeria, god 4 bid he can neva rule.


    • Darlington, Buhari has certificate and he has provided it. Now Let me ask u. Does certificate really matter in causing a change? No brother. to b civilized you don’t have to be educated . likewise to b a leader, certificate isn’t needed. He has certificate and Stop d propaganda. PDP is just a campaign manager for APC.


  7. PDP can’t campaign without buying the people’s conscience. cajoling us to believe that Nothing is real about GMB. this is a shame. Buhari is qualified and He’s got my Vote already. so Femi Stop lamenting like a fool. Be ready to run out of Nigeria with all those stolen and bribed money if Buhari turns out successful.


  8. Its just very clear now that pdp has nothing to sell, nothing to show for the 6years of President Jonathan regime. This is why Femi is wasting time pursuing shadow. This Femi has always been a confusionist. When he was aviation minister, he left his duty and was spending energy as minister of public insult for obj. Now that he is compaign director of media, he has again lost focus thereby doing the job of INEC verification officer. Someone should educate this ignorant Femi that he should rather go to court for clarification instead of embarrasing himself in public.


  9. U’re the world highest fool i ever cn. Why don’t u compaign ur party manisfestation lets c what u ‘re goin to do for d peaple. U’re sayin bullshit to ur selves (pdp) shame on u.
    Sai Buhari by God grace.


  10. femi,he wasn’t your fault do you remember what they did to your father during the king adesoji aderemi.the former western region governor. your father was taboo to the entire people of ile ife.so be wise and be sincere a word is a enough for a wise.


  11. FFK i think you should be preparing your defense for your trial on MONEY LAUNDERING in which you are due to appear in court on February 23/24 , 2015. Its a shame that the President appointed you as his Director of Media of his campaign. You are a tragedy to the young generation. The PDP is your free-get-out-of-jail-card. They have your balls in a nut cracker, anytime they squeeze, you open your mouth.


  12. Femi you are a disgrace to Yoruba race&as such u don’t have the moral justification &pedigree to lampoon or criticize the published result of GMB.You talk with both sides of your mouth & this your campaign of calumny is a manifestation of a bought over conscience&mortgaged soul.Rather than facing the ineptitudes in Jonathan’s administration which has polarized d economic,security,unemployment&corruption in Nigeria,you are being paid to be a mouth piece to Jonathan’s campaign of calumny.Little wonder Jonathan swept under carpet your alleged corrupt practices under pretence of plea bargaining.Note:those who live in glass house should not throw stones.l wish a man of honour & integrity under the guise of stomach infrastructure would be politically stable& not drifting around like a rolling ball that gathers nothing.I wish your oratory would have better used for the progressives not retrogressives& treasury looters…Anyway,your case will soon be revisited


  13. Favour, I will know how far this treachery will take you, its a matter of time. People, especially the Yoruba race are taking note of your activities. One day you will be reminded all that you have done to scuttle the will of the people of Nigeria. Its just a matter of time.


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