As Boko Haram as ISIL  

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 Picture: Leaders of ISIS: Al-Baghdadi and Boko Haram:Shekau

On November 28 2014, Boko Haram killed 100+ people in Nigeria while ISIL killed 150 others in Iraq on the same day – these two sects are now the two deadliest terror groups around the world – both worse than Al-Qaeda yet the US/UN/Allied Forces keep pretending as though they are not aware of what is going on in Nigeria rather choosing to play the Politics We don’t care as they did with Rwanda. The US is now spending billions of dollars to fight ISIL while it suggests to the world that “we can’t sell vital ammo and would not have our partners do likewise to Nigeria because of report human right abuses by its military.”

Yet this is the same military that the US and other nations had in the past commended for helping the world experience more peace as Nigeria…

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