EXPOSED: APC/Bloggers bullying INEC to go on with February 14th date!

jega-time-tableIt is now very apparent that the same opposition, now led by APC that in 2010/2011 [as ACN and CPC] came out to insist that “INEC must move the election from January 2011 to April 9” – a whole 90+ days for the same reasons of “non-availability of Voters’ Cards” now wants to compel and in fact is bullying INEC under the same Prof. Jega that it also bullied at the time to proceed with these elections even though the other parties are raising the same issues the Opposition party raised in 2011 – that of “non-availability of Voters Cards!”

Led by folks like Lai Mohammed, they have been piling pressure on INEC and possibly blackmailing the agency and the rest of the polity with insinuations like “This is another June 12” and “This would cause a constitutional crisis” – and nothing can be father from the truth than these excuses – the following screenshots show how APC and their bloggers have been going about these – from Amaechi raising tensions within the polity that the party would fight tooth and nail to reject a date extension to Kayode Ogundamisi, APC’s Number One Blogger lying that “Jega had threatened to resign if he is asked to move the date” to “Omojuwa claiming a false victory” even without getting the full details of what transpired at the National Council of States Meeting:





This is how APC and their Cabal of Bloggers mislead Nigerians and the International community – always rushing ahead of the real story to misinform the polity of what the real situation is – and the question should be asked of them – what exactly is APC hiding that they do not want exposed by an extension of these polls? How can a party that is busy selling the Change Mantra be so willing to disenfranchise the same people that they claim they want their lives Changed?

This is a unique opportunity for Prof. Jega to reclaim the integrity that he’s always had – the same which many within this polity and around the world now disputes – he must do what is right for the nation [not for the APC] – he must push these elections and ensure that the other 23.71m eligible voters [that is 65% of total number of votes [36m] that produced the winner of the 2011 Presidential elections] receive their PVCs in time for the general elections.

Below are the FACTS APC would rather not have you know:

  • Number of registered voters – 68.8m
  • Number of PVCs printed and delivered – 66.3m
  • Number of PVCs yet to be delivered but paid for – 1.3m
  • Number of PVCs stolen to be replaced – 1.1m
  • Number of PVCs collected as at Feb 5 – 45.09m [65.8% of registered voters]
  • Source: INEC 

Prof. Jega of INEC must free itself from the shackles of propaganda being placed against it by APC and be what it should be – an unbiased umpire!

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