AlJazeera Video: Reveals Buhari suggesting ‘The 2011 Post-election Violence was a Normal Reaction because the Elections were Rigged’

FBA Blogs Research Team has just been able to pull up this AlJazeera Video of an interview conducted with Gen. Buhari after the 2011 polls – this could easily depict this man as a Monster – and in other climes, once this video becomes common knowledge, he should simply step down from the Presidential race and offer himself up to the authorities for prosecution.

Watch this less than 2-minute video and hear what he says about the post-election violence of 2011 – the same unfortunate situation [that could easily pass for genocide] in which 800+ Nigerians were killed; 350 churches burnt down; and led to the displacement of 65,000 Nigerians according to Human Rights Watch [See:]

Buhari reacts to the Al-Jazeera’s journalist saying “Those who rigged the elections have to be made responsible for the spontaneous reaction by the people in some parts of the country.”

The Al-Jazeera interviewer confirms this statement when she says “The Nigerian Opposition Candidate says the election were rigged and outrage is to be expected!” Even though she goes on to also declare that “And Observers say this election appear to be fair and the results an improvement of the last polls of 2007.”

How exactly did this man escape being tried at the International Crimes Court [ICC] for instigating his supporters to commit this Pogrom and going on to endorse the same action as seen in this video thereafter? No wonder, even after 4 years, he has refused to apologize to the families of the victims of these crises!

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17 thoughts on “AlJazeera Video: Reveals Buhari suggesting ‘The 2011 Post-election Violence was a Normal Reaction because the Elections were Rigged’

  1. People of Nigeria, why are we deceiving ourselves by Saying sth that has no benefit to us ? Most of the Nigerian today ‘re neither job nor security.
    Today, corruption has even increase to stealing due to lack of good governance in this con3. Thieves every where, mass killing of Northern people, all in the name of boko haram.
    Pls, lets consider this:
    If boko haram are the ones killing people in this con3 (Nigeria) then, who are the ones embezling public funds?
    Lets understand for God sake, this is just hypocricy by this merciless monster (PDP).


  2. Favour, you need to be objective in ur write ups. Its clear you are PDP agent using social media to discredit a presummed savior of the country. Was the interview not made known then? So why bringing the past into a critical time. Try and convince the world with what Jonathan has done rather than picking holes where there are non in GMB. Focus your writings to what the president has done which you and i know are too meagre to be presentable. Whether you like it or not, year 2015 is a year of change in Nigeria.


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