My Speech at #PDPYouthMeet Event Titled “The Choice of Favour versus Fear”

fba-etalFebruary 16, 2015

Being the Full Version of the Speech delivered by Favour B. Afolabi at the #PDPYouthMeet Event

The Nigerian Youths are faced with a very clear choice as the nation votes in a few weeks from now – that of choosing to work in and align with FAVOUR versus that of subjecting itself to FEAR!

The story of Goodluck Jonathan is that of Favour – that same story that every Nigerian youth aspires to have – that of becoming all you intend to be and even beyond your wildest imaginations while the options being presented by the APC is that of Fear – fear being pushed on the polity by a bunch of people who have always believed that ONLY THEY are capable of determining what others must follow and do.

Goodluck Jonathan became President off the back of the Favour of God and of the Nigerian Citizenry while Buhari instilled fear in the people in 1983 when he single-handedly terminated a recovering democracy – an irresponsible action that eventually led the nation to suffer for another 16 years under the military – a very sad time in the history of this nation that also led to the murders of our finest men and women like MKO Abiola, Kudirat Abiola, Ken Saro-Wiwa, and many others – many of these perpetrated under the watch of General Abacha whom Buhari worked under as a trusted lieutenant for 5 years – without he ever standing up against the evil advances of this military despot – in a classic case of “You don’t talk when you are chopping!”

Buharism is about instilling fear – the same thing he has always done – the same thing we all saw post the 2011 elections – the same thing those pushing him on this polity are doing today – by already trying to claim victory for an election that has not yet held by suggesting that “once they lose, it must be that they have been rigged out” to further suggest that we might have a repeat of the 2011 post-elections crises on our hands as a nation – even as you would recall that even 4 years after, the very man whose supporters thronged the streets because he lost the election, committing genocide that led to the loss of 800+ Nigerians lives; the burning of 350 churches; and the displacement of 65,000 Nigerians all within 3 days [according to Human Rights Watch] has refused to apologize to the families of these ones or to the nation rather going ahead to declare thereafter during an AlJazeera interview that “those that rigged the elections brought such harm to the nation!” Please who says that in a modern democracy?

As the APC huffs and puffs, Goodluck Jonathan continues to enjoy the FAVOUR of GOD and that of the Peoples and Youths of Nigeria – he has continued to grow in character remaining calm under extreme pressure from those that have made it their jobs in the last 4 years to bring down his government – those  of you in this hall today are the very ones that have stood by him in these trying times and you would also form the fulcrum that would stand up to become the Louder Majority in re-electing him back into office in a few weeks from today because he represents your very aspirations of becoming the best you can become irrespective of the obstacles being placed in your way by others – others like those whose job it has been to hold down the progress of this nation for decades – and now intend to do same again by standing against Jonathan.

And I know you will do the right thing because Jonathan has helped a good number of you in this hall and others not physically present with us today to start their own businesses and also become employers of labour via the myriad of economic advancement programmes rolled out by his administration; he has encouraged you to go into agriculture through similar initiatives; and he has invested in the alternative/creative industries to help you excel in your Entertainment businesses; and he has helped many more of get jobs by insisting that manufacturing and local content considerations are increased within our borders rather than the shipping out of jobs to the nationals of other nations at the detriment of our own youths just as he has broken a Nigerian record of creating the most universities in record time to help our youths pursue their collective dreams of becoming proud and productive Nigerians – and it is very apparent that the majority of the youths in Nigeria are in love with Goodluck Jonathan having being favoured of God even as he has also in turn favoured the Nigerian Youths as well.

All of these, Jonathan has done as Buhari only continues to inspire fear in the Youths – with zero plans for them and zero initiatives as to how he intends to do better for them compared to what Goodluck Jonathan has done for them; but of course we can already imagine what such a plan would look like – it would involve the godfathers backing him, today with fake endorsements and loans – stolen from their respective state coffers executing deals with “Mr. Integrity” on how they would share the running of his government to repay the loans they granted him – even as they intend to run ASO ROCK as they have ran ALAUSA for the last 16 years – as an extension of Bourdillon – getting fatter and depriving the Nigerian People and Youths of the great aspirations they have for themselves – they want to continue to instill the fear in the people that they have successfully done in LAGOS over the last 16 years – that makes everyone afraid to even mention their names and their transactions in public for fear of being molested via their control and manipulation of the media and blogging industries.

Well, now we know better – we know Jimi Agbaje today, enjoys the same kind of Favour, Goodluck Jonathan enjoys with God – that has been amply lavished on him by the Youths, Men and Women of Lagos – because even before the campaigns commenced fully, all available polls already pointed in his favour irrespective of the option the APC was going to field against him – and these good people of Lagos are in love with him because they know they have finally been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to speak very loudly with their VOTES away from the timidity they have largely suffered in the 16 years under the shackles of Bourdillonism.

 And they must come out en mass to reshape the maxim of “Eko O Ni Baje” – an otherwise very good rallying call to continually rebuild Lagos which has been corrupted over the course of the last 16 years to now represent “We are in Control of this state and no one else dares challenge our domination of this place even as we would continually do as we please with it.

The good people of Lagos must stand up to flush this Corruption out of Alausa – in the same way they must put a full stop to Buharism within this polity – these twin-evils must be roundly defeated at the polls so that the peoples and Youths of Nigeria can continually enjoy Favour with God and their fellow men rather than live in Fear and Bondage.

And I dare predict that Jimi Agbaje’s victory in Lagos would be an icing on the victory cake of Goodluck Jonathan in Aso Rock.

I will close now by encouraging Nigerian Youths to be very vigilant on two issues: [1] “INEC – as the unbiased Umpire of these elections and [2] What I call the “The Axelrod Connection” – it is very sad that the same INEC that begged Nigerians for an extension of the 2011 elections so as to get voters’ cards into the hands of Nigerians under the same Prof. Jega is the same INEC that was seeking to rush the same Nigerians into an election it was not fully prepared for while still holding on to 23m PVCs all in a bid to please the APC – and we must now all place become “The Watchers of the Referee” by seeing to it that INEC within the next 6 weeks, delivers an average of about 547,000+ PVCs per day to the people of Nigeria to make it possible for them to vote.

Second, it is now an open secret that one of the major reasons the “Arrogant Peoples Congress” [APC] continue to stroll all over this polity as though they have already won the elections is because Strategy Consultants, AKPD Media from the US is owned by David Axelrod who is trusted confidant and long-term friend of President Barack Obama – and it seems APC has been given assurances by these consultants to  suggest that “The US would reject any results that does not favor the APC in the coming elections” – so Nigerians especially the Youths must not only vote against APC but must also be very proud to declare even after the elections that “Indeed, we voted for President Goodluck Jonathan and reject any international conspiracy to water down the mandate we have given him!”

God bless you all and God bless this Nigerian Nation in Jesus’ name amen!

Thank you.

One thought on “My Speech at #PDPYouthMeet Event Titled “The Choice of Favour versus Fear”

  1. It is well o. Youths must rise up and take responsibilities, We must kick out all these PAs in politics, We need their advice no doubt, but they have tried, let them give way for the younger generation to perform. OBJ pls leave GEJ alone. There’s a rumour that OBJ was arrested this morning. Is it true? @ Favour Afolabi


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