Omojuwaism: “The Art of Taking Your Shallow and Limited Intellectualism Too Far”

I was heading to the #MeetThePresident event yesterday, when I got a phone call from Blossom Nnodim in the UK – she asked me if I was currently following the drama going on @omojuwa’s timeline – she mentioned how the bloke was actually throwing some invectives at her, so I asked her to give me some time to study this and get back to her. To my uttermost, surprise the first thing I noticed was the screenshot below:


This apparently was Omojuwa practically being a bigot trying to make mockery of Igbo tradition to suggest that ‘Blossom was enslaved into marriage’ while also suggesting that ‘Blossom and others were making a living by being Bloggers’ [Isn’t that what Omojuwa does as well?] – I thought to myself “Waow! How could this guy be going this far simply because of a discussion that had to do with being invited to the #MeetThePresident event?”

So I decided to study his timeline even more – and it became very apparent that I was in for even more of a shocker: Omojuwa goes on to boast even further:


He goes to talk about how ‘The Presidency invited him for a meeting with Bloggers and how he was powerful enough to ask that certain names including Blossom’s be dropped as a pre-condition for his attendance even though he then decides not to honour the same invitation’ – this would suggest that Omojuwa indeed considered attending this event, only for him to choose to change his mind thereafter – which is completely different from the impression of being a demi-god that must be appeased to agree to meet with the President that he spent hours painting on his timeline yesterday:





He also goes further to entertain his audience with stories about how he and his other friends felt too important to be in the same room as the President of Nigeria once there were other bloggers in the same room that had expressed support for him in the past – even going ahead to publish snapshots of an email he got for the invitation – also suggesting that ‘despite his bashing of the Jonathan administration, they and supporters of the President, keep following all over the place’:


While at the same time, making sure he insults and mocks supporters of President Jonathan at the same time:




But, Omojuwa was not done – he also went about suggesting that “those on his side of the debate were intellectually superior to those supporting this President”:




Then he reserves his last set of punches for the President himself:





So here are my takes on this nincompoop:

1. The only reason “Omojuwa Plc” has become such a valuable brand in the last 4-6 years is because of the absolute generosity of Goodluck Jonathan/administration – that allows for all men and women within this polity to express without fear of being intimated or prosecuted – and If I were him, I would reserve a 10% shareholding for Jonathan in this business to thank the man for allowing my business flourish beyond limits.

2. Yes, unknown to many of his followers, Omojuwa is first a businessman before he is a Nigerian – he has rode on the back of the gullibility of the average young Nigerian to build a brand that is very well-patronized by the Nigerian opposition – heavily funded by Nasir El-Rufai; taking briefs from Atiku and Amaechi; and thereby aligning his political views with that of the All Progressive Congress [APC] – and when he begins to suggest that others are being paid to attend events with the President or to support his candidacy, he makes it look like he possesses some level of intellectual and moral superiority over others when he is doing exactly that same thing!

3. The joke is on this idiot – because, he was invited by the organizers of this event to be in the same room with those that support the President and those that do not support to discuss the larger issue of “Nigeria” – yet he chose to make a mockery of the process and the event choosing to be partisan rather than patriotic – this however is the same guy that would jump on the opportunity of attending such an event with Buhari, his obvious candidate going into these polls.

4. Even though similar events organized by Buhari insisted on not inviting anyone that opposed his candidacy – this also clearly shows that my own Candidate, Goodluck Jonathan is a better man and candidate than Omojuwa’s Buhari – because while GEJ, over the last couple of years, has allowed brands like Omojuwa, Feyi Fawehinmi, Elnathan John, Ogundamisi, Pius Adesanmi, Sonala Olumhense, Okey Ndibe, SaharaReporters, PremiumTimes, etc – all that oppose him to flourish, unhindered with their bank accounts swelling with dollars; and their reputations growing globally to the point of now being consulted by the likes of CNN, AlJazeera, FT, The Economists, etc, while Buhari was in office, he made sure he enacted decrees and laws that ensured that such people were locked away without being seen by their families for months!

5. That brings me to this crap about Omojuwa and his ilk suggesting that “those of them that support Buhari are more intellectually superior to those that don’t” – nothing can be farther from the truth than that – first, it is the constitutional right of every Nigerian to pick his/her political right – one that MUST not be discriminated against by anyone that respects that same constitution; and it is only folks like Omojuwa who pretend to be democrats but actually know nadda about how Democracy works that sells such crap as this – neither can Omojuwa prove that he is a more successful man/business than anyone that supports Jonathan – Omojuwa would never smell, even up until the Rapture, the level of business some of us have already engaged in, even before Jonathan became a national figure – and I daresay, on behalf of myself and indeed, other young Nigerians that support this President that “this intellectual gangsterism must stop!”Those that support Jonathan must stop cowing to such notion being sponsored by the likes of Omojuwa that “you must appeal to their positions to validate yours” neither should they spend so much time “seeking engagements with them to raise and discuss any issue of national importance” – they have picked their positions – and we know they have chosen to stand on the wrong side of history – and they should be allowed to continually enjoy the freedom that GEJ has ensured is available to every Nigerian – when a supposed intellectual makes a mockery of an opportunity to discuss topical issues with the President of his nation going to his social media platforms to win more Likes and Follows in the process, then you can safely conclude that his avowed level of intellectualism is very limited and indeed very shallow, and in fact, going forward, he should be described as an agbero rather than an intellectual!

12 thoughts on “Omojuwaism: “The Art of Taking Your Shallow and Limited Intellectualism Too Far”

  1. I often ask myself: why do people blog? The only answer I come up with is: because they want to express their OPINIONS. To me, all bloggers are the same as they all think they are more intelligent and more sophisticated. I thing you are also guilty of what you’ve accused omojuwa of but hope you will do a better job of investing your time in developmental criticism other than personal attacks.


  2. It’s such a shame that a bigot like omojuwa still exist. And

    this are the sole reason why the entire yoruba tribe is seen as mediocre. For real, this work the yoruba race has started will sure hunt the soon because if a fool like omojuwa can wake up and praise obj for all his dirty act just for the to start pointing accusing fingers because if food then it’s all nothing but shame. Omojuwa is still a boy remember? So please just let him be. Thanks


  3. Mr,FBA… missed it all, it’s obvious you are embittered and a loser…I cant afford to waste my time analyzing all your fallacy and mental laziness but it would be a crime if i don’t just point out where you belong..”Bigot”.


  4. FBA, you are the biggest bigot here, with utter lack of decorum cos you are baselessly incongrous just like your pay masters. Omojuwa has always being a responsive and reasonable critic be it against clueless GEJ or otherwise. For your information and enlightenment, Buhari ruled as a military head of state, and as with the custom all over the world, the military rules with decrees which definitely is not obtainable in a democracy so forget praising clueeless and brainless GEJ coz the constitution will not permit him ruling with decrees whatsoever it may be.


    • Kokoh: Of course, tell the families of those that Buhari killed; ruined their lives; and destroyed that “It was a mistake – he was acting under decrees” – please, come back and tell me “they applauded you for saying that.”


      • Maybe you FBA should take the same message to the families of the over 15000 that had died in the hands of Boko Haram, and the families of those in captivity in different hideouts across the north plus the families of the soldiers that we loose in battle to this needless war that could have been nipped in the bud on a daily that GEJ is sorry for blaming the opposition for 5 years, that they should not worry, we now have war plans and drones to kill the killer of their bread winners, that they will meet their families happy in heaven. “I am sure they will applaud you as well”.

        I wonder how people go to school and come out empty… Oops! I forgot Dame Patience Jonathan is also a graduate, I won’t be surprised if you are also an alumni… your bigotry is worthy of an Oscar, you will conveniently act a fool in any movie without a script.


  5. FBA, I do pity the manners you are using your adulthood:
    1. When last did Omojuwa dedicate a whole blog page to address your pro-Jonathan stance? This should be your third time, if I am correct. You invested so much time to print screens and blog his tweets. Much ado about nothing!! You are advertising that brand, if you care to know. He will not respond to you, and that make it more saddening.
    2. When has ‘freedom of press and speech’ in a democratic settings become performance indicator? Is that the dwindling foreign reserve, is that the employment rate, is that the value Naira in foreign exchange, is that mortality, natality rate, is that per capital income, is that national cohesion?


    • Semiu:

      1. I look forward to Omojuwa doing a rejoinder to this but then, it would be too late – I already exposed him as an intellectual fraud – and a man that would readily beat up his wife when he is able to eventually find one – judging by the way he responded to the wife of another man!

      2. Of course, it is tantamount to “Freedom of Speech within democratic settings” when you call yourself a PATRIOT for picking Buhari and call others THIEVES for picking GEJ?


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