Of The Elections’ Date Push; PVC Distribution; Card Readers, etc

On Simon Kolawole backpage article of yesterday, he wrote this:


I am not trying to provide any ammunition to politicians, but I find it a bit curious that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) only started test-running its smart card readers yesterday — a clear three weeks after the presidential elections would have held but for the controversial rescheduling.

Some 225 polling units and 358 voting points across 12 wards in 12 states were used for the test-run. What were INEC’s initial plans? Was it that the electoral umpire wanted to go into the elections without test-running the machines? Or it thought it was not a necessary exercise? Or what? Puzzling.”

inec-boothMy take: So imagine if some of us had not reasoned that aloud that this election be pushed? INEC would have gone ahead due to ‘blind pressure from APC’ [which believed it had secured the right momentum to win the election] to plunge the nation into another round of crises with this funny card readers even as the same APC would have, after such a disaster come up to issue statements suggesting ‘PDP used some remote control to sabotage the Card Readers.’

This is aside the other very important issue of “INEC now being able to register even more people” – the same people that APC claims it wants to “Change” their lives were the very people the party was very willing and eager to disenfranchise – this is what you get from DESPERADOES – they are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater once they can achieve their selfish aims while doing so!

The important lesson to pick from these is “it pays to be in the Minority intellectually, once you know you are right” – those of us that spoke up for these elections to be pushed; PVCs distribution to the extended; and Card Readers effectively tested have now been fully justified – and those that suggested “we were being paid to speak the truth while we were only trying to lead the nation in the right direction” should now in addition to apologizing also bury their heads in shame!

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