Congratulations to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari & President Goodluck Jonathan


I wish to say a heartfelt Congratulations to Gen. Buhari and his Team for winning the 2015 Presidential Elections and I borrow from the words of Gov. Fayose in saying:


  1. “I salute President Goodluck Jonathan​ for laying the most solid foundation for democracy in Nigeria. And I salute Major General Buhari for being a resilient and dogged fighter.”


  1. “I urge Nigerians, irrespective of their ethnic, religious and political affiliation to respect the outcome of the election in the interest of peace, progress and development of the country.”


  1. “Nigeria as a country is greater than any individual or group and it is my plea that no one should do anything to rock the boat of peace in the country.”


To all the Bloggers on #TeamGEJ, I say to you to “Congratulations, You have stood for your deep convictions irrespective of the Odds.”

To those in #TeamGMB, I say to you “Please, enjoy and savour this victory for it is was a well-fought won irrespective of the fact that I might not have agreed with all the tactics you deployed or those of your party” – you have helped to make history and you should indeed be proud of yourselves for that.

I remain and will always be an “incurable democrat” – and this particular journey has been so much fun – so exhilarating beyond words – it is my hope that the incoming Government, as a matter of urgency, would consider the implementation of the Recommendations of the Sovereign National Conference so as to be able to better help this nation excel to the best of its potentials.

I am going nowhere – I would remain a Blogger and Public Commentator on my favourite subject – “Nigeria” – and I now more than ever before seriously considering becoming a full-fledged member of the PDP because I have also seen that this must be the right time for I and others like myself to put our monies where our mouths has been for a while now.

To the international community led by the US/UK, it is my prayer that “you would be able to finally give Nigeria all the support we need” to overcome some of our pressing challenges e.g. Terrorism – seeing that “your body language” always tended to suggest “you’d rather work with another President” on these issues – and we shall hopefully getting better reportage about the nation going forward – so that many of the negative stereotypes against this nation can finally be rested.

To the the Nigerian elites especially the younger ones – most of whom formed the voting bloc that supported the President-elect – at home and most especially in the Diaspora – I believe you have largely got your wish – you always seemed so convinced that “Nigeria could never make any appreciable progress unless PDP leaves Aso Rock” – well; now you have your wish – I now hope that you will stop all the “Negative Rhetoric” you sell to the world about this nation – and that some of you who have complained of being frustrated in Nigeria would now be able to return home to also contribute your own quota to the development of this nation state.

To the Niger Deltans – as you know – you are my in-Laws – my Wife is Urhobo; I beg of you to be “The Bigger Brothers” here – do not see this election result as “a Loss” but as “a Sacrifice” – reject all temptations to “react” – I urge you to simply move on – and agree to work with the incoming Government in building the region and the nation at large.

To my Dear President Jonathan – Waow, “God himself must have dedicated an entire day building and shaping you” for a time as the one you governed over the affairs of this nation – I have not yet met any of those that worked with you [as I have met many in the last couple of months] that didn’t say “If I was the President, I would have shown them.” Well, I am glad that “You didn’t show nobody nothing” – and I am glad that you have shamed all those that had terrible predictions about how your government would end up – from those that suggested “it would end in a Coup d’etat” to others that said “you were planning an Interim Government to perpetuate yourself in office.”

You have now proven that you indeed have a large heart that burns first for your nation before you consider your own self – and do not be deceived – you are well loved by so many Nigerians – as you saw by the amazing support you got from so many of us – for some of us, much earlier – and for others, much later in the day.

I commend you for opting to be a Statesman first before you were a Politician – you have proven to the entire world that indeed “Nigeria is fully ready to lead a Matured Democratic Africa” – and I tell you – as much as so many Billions of People from around the world would celebrate you in the next couple of months and years, none of that would compare to how ‘History’ itself would celebrate you in the many decades to come – for what you have done for Nigeria Economically and more importantly, Politically – without you, our nation might have never been able to truly experience a robust democracy similar to what you have now helped us to experience.

I am indeed sure that this nation would have need for you on so many issues in the nearby future – at home and abroad – in the same way I believe the international community would be calling upon you for similar services pretty soon as well.

To your loving and supporting Wife – I say, Madam, you have been a Stalwart behind “this Man” – a woman that many men dream they could have as their partner – one that would remain steadfastly in support of them despite all the odds – and irrespective of ‘the noise’ you have heard around your name in recent past, I can assure you that there are indeed many men out there that pray to have such ‘a Rock’ behind them.

To every Nigerian, I say – it is time to work again – we have politicked – we have ‘insulted’ one another and thrown tantrums – now it is the time to work again – we must move away from constantly being called ‘the nation with potentials’ to being known as ‘the nation that is living its potentials to the fullest.’

God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria in Jesus’ name, Amen.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari & President Goodluck Jonathan

  1. God bless Nigeria sir! God bless us all who believe in the positives of this nation. Favour, you inspired me to see the greatness of Nigeria despite all odds and also thought me to be a lone voice despite multitudes’ for my convictions. There is no day I don’t stop by to read what Favour has got to say again. Thank you Mr Favour Afolabi. God bless Nigeria! God bless you too!


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