Re: Ouattara says “Jonathan is not like Gbagbo”

Jonathan-Ouattara-2-653x365Well, you would recall that one of the propaganda that APC sold to Nigerians leading to the polls was that Goodluck Jonathan was planning to be a Gbagbo!” This of course was a kite earlier flown by the “Grand Commander of the APC” – Olusegun Obasanjo!
When such lies were being peddled around, those selling it conveniently chose to forget that “Goodluck Jonathan was one of the FEW Presidents at the time that insisted Gbagbo should hand over to Ouattara and even visited the nation on a number of occasions to have that resolved” – and it was Presidents like Jacob Zuma of South Africa that stood with Gbagbo at the time.
Well, after the polls, a lot of APC supporters have also gone about saying “Goodluck is not a Statesman for placing the concession call to Buhari” – as it would turn out, here is what Buhari told Ouattara as the Ivorian leader visited him:
“Thank you very much for this visit and for taking time to congratulate,” “I would like to particularly congratulate President Jonathan for his Statesmanship!
So apparently Buhari sees Jonathan as a Statesman but not his followers – this is what you get when people take Bigotry and empty hatred too far – you would have also noticed that this particular news item was under-reported – by our media and bloggers – because the only stories that must sell nowadays must be the ones that show that “GEJ is not a Hero.”
We keep edging closer and closer to becoming a #OnePartyState

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