Re: Buhari’s Replacement Plan for Fuel Subsidies

I have read snippets what Buhari described as his plan to “eliminate Subsidies” – and I am raising the following questions: 1. Which companies/fuel stations shall be doing the physical dispensing/sales of these refined/imported products?

2. Or would Buhari ask NNPC to take over all the other filling stations in the country?

3. Which Companies shall be responsible for the haulage/transportation of these products to the numerous states/fuel stations that Nigerians would buy the fuel from?

4. Who shall pay for the services to be rendered in 1-3 above?

would now be the landing cost of these products to Nigeria v to the Fuel Stations in the case Buhari’s plan is adopted – compared to the present rates we buy for today?

6. How exactly would this plan be different from being SUBSIDIES when GOVT still has to oversee the process and would most likely have to pay certain companies to render some of these services?


7. Most importantly how is this Buhari’s plan different from the current Subsidies Regime?


8. How long is “in the long run?” 2 years? 3 or 4 or? Is Buhari referring to the Nigerian-owned Refineries or the ones being build by his new allies like Aliko Dangote and Wale Tinubu?

9. How come Buhari is quickly opting for an escapist “Importation Plan” rather than “the Nigerian Refineries can work optimally” option that a lot of his advisers like Tam David West has always told the world?

10. When exactly does Buhari intend to Fully Deregulate this industry? Is he postponing the D-Day for political reasons so as not to be seen as “Doing the same thing GEJ wanted to do in 2012”? Or is he planning to return this industry to a Govt Business out of which a NEWER CABAL would then arise?

Via @favourafolabi

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