As Femi Fani-Kayode​ as Ayo Fayose [An article Strictly Recommended for Born Again Christians]

You would always hear Femi Fani-Kayode and Fayose praise GOD for their victories; and quote the relevant scripture – giving glory to HIM at every stage of their travails and eventual victories – in his interview granted to The Cable [See], FFK was in high praises to God that delivered him from this travails – one that was going through even as he took possibly the craziest job of his entire professional life as the Media Director of the Jonathan-Sambo Re-election Committee – one that many observers – many of whom disagree with him on many other issues – came to agree that “he did excellently at.”


This a worthy lesson to be picked up by a lot of self-styled modern day Christians [some who even have no problems with unbelievable things as homosexuality] who love to “sit in the midst of the scornful and ungodly to mock those that GOD stands with” – what these folks refuse to understand is “God sees the Heart of Men first” – HIS relationship with David [a name FFK has now aptly adopted] proved that to be true – God deals with the genuineness of our spirits first before he looks at our human shortcomings – that’s the very reason he sent us Jesus Christ – so HE can see his pureness to cover for our limitations.

The scripture admonishes that “those that observe lying vanities forsake their own mercies” – those that became Expert Analysts [even as Christians] against FFK and Fayose in the last couple of months – and allowed themselves to be enveloped with the bitterness sown by some against these two men simply because as individuals these people chose to too weak to stay in the “blessed minority” are the same people that it would seem when they go through much lesser crises in their own lives would quickly give up and surrender – all because they refuse to learn and practice what these two men understand and practice being that “the righteousness of men is like filthy rags before God.


These gurus who are professionals at telling others about “public conduct” – “how you should say and not say certain things” – “how you should not respond to criticism” – “who should associate with or not” – largely all lectures they have refused to imbibe in their own private, professional and even Christian lives are the ones that would give you the feeling that once you don’t belong to their own crowd, then you must be of the devil.

The truth is “Secretly, a lot of such people hope and pray for the sort of COURAGE and FORTHRIGHTNESS in the midst of pressure that these two gentlemen exude“- and one of the Laws of the Spirit is “You cannot attain a gift that you look down upon” – a reason why so many Christians who habitually disrespect Christian Leaders/and Christians who are excelling and triumphing in their own lives never seem to make a success of their own lives!

Once again, I congratulate these two men on their recent victories; while wishing them the best in their future endeavours.


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