The Buhari/NNPC Probe Panel – A Biased Attempt to Resolve an Important Matter

In the course of the last two days since President set up a committee to probe the NNPC, I have come to notice the obvious flaws in the constitution of same as enumerated below:

  1. Nasir El-Rufai already placed a fatwa on the agency by stating on his Facebook Page at about 10:45pm June 30 that “NNPC is a Den of Thieves” – this was within 24 hours of his appointment to the committee – how can he then be unbiased in working on this committee? This is aside his obvious closeness to Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the erstwhile Central Bank Governor who had made similar yet unproved allegations about the Oil sector in the past.See: Page
  2. Adams Oshiomole was on Channels TV this morning poking more fingers and making more spurious accusations; and has made similar allegations in the past – – how can he then be unbiased in working on this committee?Nasir and Adams also displayed their attack dog persona they were both allowed to address the media on Monday after the constitution of this committee – you would have thought they already concluded their jobs and was given a report already even though they were yet to open a single piece of paper to carry out any findings.
  3. Ibrahim Dankwabo was Accountant General of the Nation during the part of the Period to be reviewed at NNPC having stayed on the job between 2005 to 2011; and cannot claim not to be unbiased in what could have happened during the same time – how then can he then be expected to provide incontestable contributions in this regard?
  4. Emmanuel Udom: Is a first term Governor ; with no national experience; what he provide on this job?
  5. Very importantly, you cannot give the job of PROFESSIONAL AUDITORS to Politicians; they will soon begin to be lobbied by those trying to present the outcome of their work to favor their own interests; and are they going to abandon their respective states to now begin to operate from NNPC HQ in Abuja to be able to look through these numbers? How long exactly would they need to do this at the expense of running their own states especially as no specific time-frame has been given for them to complete these tasks?

The way this is set up – it would appear that this committee by its composition and body language seem poised to simply copy and paste Sanusi + Oby + Soludo + Social Media Allegations Files” to be given to the nation to end up being a report that is politically-laden, biased, and largely contested.

It is my position that President Buhari should reverse this committee to appoint a neutral, competent and professional accounting firm to do this job even as the job of such a firm should be expanded to at least 1999 – so it doesn’t appear like this is a witch-hunt against the outgoing government and in no way an attempt for Buhari to shield the governments of Obasanjo and Yar’Adua – with the former being a newer confidant of his [and a sworn enemy of the outgoing President] while the latter is from the same Katsina State as himself.

I rest this case [for now]


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