Of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala;​ and this “Desperation to Soil Her Reputation!”

Those that insist NOI did anything wrong with ‘the $2bn’ are simply being mischievous – the woman was always publishing her accounts in the dailies – something those before and after her didn’t do!

This image is a cut out from the larger report she published on May 20 2015 – 9 days before she left Office – the larger report was earlier published on my Blog last week [See: http://fbablogs.com/2015/06/30/here-is-a-breakdown-of-what-the-fgn-states-others-drew-from-the-eca-between-2011-to-2015/] and was well circulated – it shows the withdrawals from the ECA to assuage the cost of Fuel Subsidies [of course along with other budgetary allocations for this item] for the years she was in Office.[the item line is marked in Red]

This is outlined thus:

1. 2011: $1.8bn
2. 2012: $2.6bn
3. 2013: $3.2bn
4. 2014: $3.1bn
5: 2015: NIL


It is my belief that the ‘main suspects’ in pushing this agenda of hatred against her are:

1. The FAAC – who cannot in good conscience not to know of the withdrawals for 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – of course, largely made up of Finance Commissioners, they were always having run-ins against NOI – and must see this opportunity to try to do her in;

2. The Media [& Other Economics-related analysts] – who have as always abandoned their responsibility of being the “Historians of the Polity’ – from time, these withdrawals were always announced in the media by NOI; and one would expect them if they were investigative enough to quickly pull up a number of those publications reminding the polity about them.

3. The Blogging/Public: Of course there are folks within this polity that would seek any opportunity to malign the reputation of NOI and of course GEJ; these two people sort of represent “the last enemies they must defeat even if they fail in their ambitions to succeed in their personal lives.”

Where these allegations becomes ridiculous is “No one seems interested in asking what exactly happened to the money?” Reason being that “they actually know deep down that the woman didn’t touch the money” – they are just okay with dragging her reputation through the maliciously too!

Where is this wickedness emanating from? NOI was always a convenient target for mockery and slander during GEJ’s term – as one of the most brilliant officers in that government, there was always this attempt by a section of this nation to find ways to undermine her work while trying to suggest “What is the big deal with what she’s doing; others can do better.”

Well, pikin wey say hin Papa no get money hin too go soon know how easy e be to get money when hin begin to look for work – those that say “NOI was not good enough” should suggest to Buhari “a list of Possible Replacements” for her – but isn’t it amazing that 100 days after winning the elections, no one has been bold enough to engage in public conversations on a list of those to replace NOI?

How come we are having a shortage of names in this regard for such a sensitive and important role as the Coordinating Minister of The Economy/Finance Minister? What happened to all the talk of “We have many Nigerians that can do her job?”


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