Buhari and [In]dependence of the Legislature

Buhari2-1While President Buhari via his media handlers have kept telling the world “the president respects the will of the legislature and their elections”, the following has been the case:

1. He has refused to officially meet with Abubakar Bukola Saraki​ being the elected President of the Senate neither has he officially congratulated him for this victory

2. He has met repeatedly with the other faction opposing Saraki without due consideration to also officially hear from the Saraki faction

3. He has met repeatedly with the factions in the lower house led by Dogara v Gbajabiamila

4. He is due to meet again with all APC legislators by 5pm at Aso Rock today prior to the resumption of the houses tomorrow

As all 1-4 above have been going on, both houses have not been able to carry out their functions for the past 60 days – as they continually wait for “The Executive” led by Buhari to “endorse” their positions and elections – suggesting that “it is now official that the legislature has become an appendage of the Executive” – completely away from “the legislature that is really an independent body in its true sense.”

This is a very dangerous trend for our democracy – and complete retrogressive path from the advances the nation has already made in the last 16 years under the PDP – this trend would not be understood in its full depth right now until the house fully resumes after this ongoing brouhaha and critical moments in the nation’s history come to play that would require for the legislature to call the executive branch to order – a house that needed to be rubber-stamped by the executive would naturally lose the moral impetus to perform its functions of oversight of the duties of the executive.

And this trend should be expected with the judiciary as well – when those over there equally know that there would be no legislature to fight for them, they are more likely going to dance to the whims and caprices of the president – knowing that “once he moves against them, they will be in hot soup and would have no one to come to their rescue.”

Then it gets even worse – our civil society and rights activists have all largely become subsidiaries and appendages of the ruling APC governments – and the events in the polity in the last couple of weeks have proven that – all of a sudden there are no ones “standing for the rights of the oppressed” – and there are no ones marching on the streets to “seek payments for workers owed largely because one of the APC states is the biggest culprit in this ongoing scam to deprive workers of their pay” – all of these can only mean one thing and one thing only – the Nigerian nation is headed into a #OnePartyState scenario that would completely domicile all powers in the hands one Lord Emperor – Buhari.

I wish to congratulate Nigerians ahead of time on this epoch making event in our nation’s history – the people have called for #Change and they effectively have it.


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