Nigeria currently on “Pause” mode? [My thoughts at Nigeria Info FM 99.3]

Here are some of the issues I raised during my session at Nigeria Info 99.3 today – “You cannot pause a nation while claiming to be tackling one problem” – as a President you must be able to multitask or you have no business running a nation – you are tackling “Corruption” while throwing the nation’s economy into a standstill – suggesting that “you want to clean up the space before you start running the affairs of state.”


The numbers look bad – really, really bad – and even those that supported and voted Buhari are lamenting as well albeit not in public – some of them have just lost their jobs in the banking sector – as they have in other industries – this is not 1983 – this is a new world – a dynamic world in which every nation and economy is interconnected – and the actions/inactions you apply here is noticed all around the world and used to relate with you as a nation.

Furthermore, Buhari is doing the nation a great disservice with this “Nigeria is the most corruption nation in the world” ideology that he is preaching all over the local and international media – the only thing you now read about everywhere about Nigeria is “Corruption” – when the leader of a nation goes to the international media telling them “my citizens have stashed away $150bn in your economies” those people begin to look at all of our citizens as common thieves – and they tell themselves “don’t even bother doing business there – you will be wrecked” – there are definitely more creative ways to go about some of these things – away from these incessant announcements and claims all over the place.


The results are out – there is investors’ apathy towards this market – as our stock market has now lost N1.6trn in the last couple of months – even as it now apparent that practically all of the grandiose promises made Buhari’s party leading to the elections were never practicable – thereby further heating up the polity – as many of the citizens that had their hopes raised are now having such being dashed – no wonder “Nigeria’s Misery Index has now increased by 9.5% to 35%” within this same subject timeframe.

Let’s face it – even when the Ministers are announced – they cannot work smarter than the main the direction the President chooses to go – if this approach of “clamp downs” rather than “collaborations” continue, we would have effectively been returned to the early Umar Yar Adua days – who came in to reverse most of the policies of the outgoing Obasanjo administration – without verifying the effectiveness of such policies [that remains the very reason for the state of the Power sector today; and the reversal of the sale of the refineries can also be linked to the subsisting fuel subsidy madness] this seems to be where we are headed again – ‘cancel everything’ – ‘reverse everything’ – all in a bid to show that “you are now in control” not minding the resultant effects of those actions on the larger polity and the future of the nation.



Nations are not built this way – you can pause your personal life or your personal business for a while – but you cannot do that with a nation – you cannot leave the economy to dwindle away while claiming ‘to be cleaning out the augean stables- what does that even mean?

I will hopefully continue on this series soon.


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