‘Kogi’ and The Unlearnt Lessons from Yar’Adua!


This drama is moving from the ridiculous to the idiotic – all of a sudden within a few days, the APC in Kogi now has 4 candidates for this same election thus:

1. Abubakar Audu – now deceased

2. James Faleke – deputy on the ticket who now insists he is right candidate to continue from Audu’s departure and has written INEC and APC on his position

3. Mohammed Audu – the son of the deceased who has been picked by the Senatorial district and has the House of Assembly threatening to impeach anyone that replaces him that manages to become Governor -with the attendant problem of who will be his deputy

4. Yahaya Bello: who the APC is now picking to replace the deceased Audu on the ticket – even though this now also introduces another problem of “who will be his deputy considering Faleke is also laying claim to the ticket.”

So you see – this “tiny problem” which was completely available will soon become another source of global ridicule for Nigeria if “a miracle doesn’t happen” – the state could even end up with a Governor without a deputy – as another round of zoning calculations would need to be considered all over again “to balance out all out all of the interests!”

Yet, the most strikingly irritating part of this saga for me is “no one within our intellectual circles is speaking up on how there must a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT now to avoid this repeating itself in the future” – in the same way “the same error has not been corrected within the same constitution regarding “the need of the Doctrine of Necessity” the other time – if today, the nation unfortunately falls into such a quagmire again, we would be back again to the bla bla bla of “a kitchen cabinet and cabal” holding the nation hostage and the wife not willing to let go; and the man being smuggled back into the country; and the FEC refusing to name the VP as Acting President; and the people of KATSINA not letting go [does that sound familiar?] – and the Lawyers would be back again in the Courts smiling to the bank!

You would notice that “all of our legal luminaries” – fake; original; counterfeit; the architects who are bloggers and have now become Senior Advocates of Africa are not paying attention to this as they visit ChannelsTV, AIT, NTA, TV Continental; and all the Radio Stations in Nigeria – they are so emotionally attached to “how their own candidate must become Governor” – whether by hook or crook – from the front or back door – and you begin to wonder that these people say “they educated and exposed?”

There is the theory of the Sheep v Goats – that entails the Sheep being disciplined to follow the Herdsmen while the Goat is never willing to take his instructions; follow the herdsman; or learn from errors of the past – where exactly would you place Nigeria here? Sheep or Goat?


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