Of Wada, Kogi, and Bello’s Victory: Don’t Cry For me, Nigeria!

ybPending when a Tribunal removes him as the Governor of Kogi State, he has my congratulations – there is no need discussing the legality of him “inheriting the votes of the late Audu” at this point – since we are now officially practicing “a Banana Constitution” upheld by “a Banana Executive!”

However, in the view of the ongoing, PDP and Wada lost a unique opportunity to “follow the Constitution” when rather than insist:

1. The election was inconclusive and should be held afresh after APC would have held another Primary to pick a replacement for Audu chose to:

2. Call on INEC to name Wada the winner of the polls – because his contestant had passed away!

This is by far, the most childish legal position I have seen come out of the PDP in the history of the party – and it shows once again as some of us have insisted that “the party seems so desperate to wreck itself by allowing sub-intellectuals to be the ones calling the shots at the helm of the party!”

I supported Wada’s re-election simply on the platform that “he should be allowed to do more work in the second term to make up for any complaints some people had against him the first term” even as I also know he suffered some health challenges that hampered him from delivering as much as he would have wanted to – but I will not keep quiet when “those around him have chosen to mislead him while also committing the same folly of trying to subvert the constitution as the APC-led Judiciary and INEC have just done.”

Back to Bello, so what are the chances the Tribunal would actually remove him? Well, PDP would then need to present a different case there – away from the one that was quashed at the Courts on Friday – they would have to tow the line of the argument in [1] above rather than [2] – and I can only wish the party good luck in that regard – perhaps, it is time the party picks me as “their non-Legal National Legal Adviser at Large?”



One thought on “Of Wada, Kogi, and Bello’s Victory: Don’t Cry For me, Nigeria!

  1. Favour- research of laws of other lands actually favour position 2 . It is just common sense- one of the cars in a formula one race somersaults and damages- do you start the race all over again? According to you- yes! What if another car gets burnt in the new race- you start all over again- as impossible as it sounds- what if another car has another mishap in the new race- start again? Truth is acts of God cannot be predicted- force majeure issues are usually borne by the affected party. It is unfair to put nigeria through sponsorship of so many elections because of unpredictable occurrences. Has any body paused to consider the interest of the other parties- the amount of resources deployed for mobilization or even the amount of resources deployed by inec to organize series of elections- scarce resources for that matter.


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