The Ongoing Shiite v Sunnis fight on Nigerian Soil

Several years ago, before GEJ became President, before Boko Haram became such a huge menace, in the early days of Umar Yar’Adua, I did a series articles regarding:

1. The Preaching of Islamic Extremism by Clerics in the Core North

2. The encouraging habitat for Islamic Extremism in the Core North based on the receptive nature of the leaders to such excesses of these clerics

3. The impending danger to Nigeria in keeping Sharia Law within our constitution while claiming to be a Secular State

4. How the ex-Leader of Boko Haram had Northern Leaders go and beg Umar Yar’Adua to have him released – which the then President did prior to the clash with the police that led to his death – and led to what has become “the real Boko Haram” today

5. The lousy nature of the elites – first from the North; and then the South to live in denial about all of these – while always choosing to play the political correctness game.

6. As I wrote of all of these, I equally mentioned how the world might increasingly be faced with a situation in which the world would become a larger stage for the Sunnis v Shiite fight – how the Middle East would no longer be the primary turf for this ancient-long fight

7. I warned Nigerians not to encourage Nigeria to become “a stadium” for this by throwing ridiculous rhetorics like “Poverty is the cause of extremism” plus “PDP is the reason that’s causing this poverty” – but true to type, dem no hear me

8. Then, the rest is History, after the Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria is now possibly the next nation that has suffered the most loss of lives and properties; and dent to the economy in the last 5 years to “Core Islamic Extremism”

9. As I kept raising these issues during GEJ’s term, I was told “I was being paid by him to launder his image” – the Soldiers under him were even blamed when El-Zakzaky held his annual procession that led the loss of lives – as happens every other year – including this year – even though he lost two or three of his sons in the last year’s clash – recall that, close to 10 years ago, this guy was listed by BBC as “one of the most dangerous Nigerians”

10. The rest as they say is History – only yesterday, Nigeria almost lost our hard-working Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff to the Sunni Clash!

Well, you can be sure, after reading 1-10 above, some people would still say “I am writing these because GEJ lost the election and that I am still bitter from the loss” – some would still say “the constitution protects the rights of every Nigerian to practice his religion/faith/doctrine as he pleases (even such is leading to the loss of human lives)”; and some would still say “Poverty as caused by GEJ/PDP is the cause of Extremism.”

If you’re not yet tired of the cheap rhetoric in this nation that continually seems to lead the Nigerian State into the doldrums, then you must be a very tough-minded person – and I congratulate you for that – I have not yet seen any nation in which it’s own people seem to passionate to destroy it with their own very hands – and in fact, compete very vigorously to be the first to do so as though “there was a gold medal plus $100 reward for doing so” as I have consistently seen with the Nigerian State in the course of the last two decades.


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