Goodluck Jonathan is my Man of the Year – 2015

During the December 31st Service of 2014, my Reverend Chris Oyakhilome after declaring 2015 as “The Year of Triumph” for us – had in the closing hours of the service – in the early hours of 2015 taken time out to pray for “Nigeria” – he had exhorted that “Despite all the tension in the land, the coming elections which a few months away would be PEACEFUL despite all the tensions in the land” – to this, our brethren, all around the world had shouted a resounding “AMEN.”


But if you were living in Nigeria in December 2014, you would have agreed that “indeed, it took a lot of faith to say that Amen” considering the “counter-threats and counter reports of oncoming War” and many wondered after my Pastor had prayed “How would these things be” – Alas, the Prophecy of my Man of God came to pass – the MIRACLE the nation needed was “A PHONE CALL” – one placed (despite all entreaties by many around him as we later discovered” by the then President Goodluck Jonathan to the now President Buhari – and Alleluia, the Nation had Peace – this man allowed GOD to use him to let Nigeria have Peace.


How many times, in the Bible Days; and thereafter have nations had leaders that shunned God’s entreaties? Leaders that allowed the devil to take over their minds with bitterness, pride, and arrogance “daring for the nation to burn” just so they can have their way – it is important to discuss this because some analyst [who apparent are unfamiliar with the revelations of a faithful God] said “GEJ had no option; what would he have done? America would have moved against him” – what they didn’t tell you was “Hitler also had “No Option” when it got to a time during the war yet “he didn’t flee neither did he seek amnesty or a deal or soft-landing” – Ghaddafi also had “No Option” – just like Saddam Hussein also had “No Option” – and of course – Laurent Gbagbo also had “No Option” and it seems that currently, Syria’s Assad also has “No Option.”


What all of these ‘Leaders’ have in common in is “They all had No Option but they created an Option for themselves” – to see the nation go down in flames as they also go down – they were not going to be alive “to see the nation continue without being the ones at the helm of affairs” – so what they did was ‘stay put while the nation was consumed even if they have to die while that happens’ – these were Leaders who must have their own way and no longer cared how many more lives ‘went down the drain with them’ – to them, once the nation can burn down along with them, the nation would have also come to realize that the citizens therein that moved against them made a mistake by doing so – because the cost of removing them would probably outweigh that of ‘continuing to manage them if they had been allowed to remain in Office’ – as the nation goes on to lose thousands or even millions of lives – and probably spends the next couple of years to recover from the imbroglio or ensuing war.


That was the story in Gbagbo’s Ivory Coast; and even though there has been another election cycle after his arrest – 4 years after, the nation remains quite polarized along those lines – that remains the story today in Ghaddafi’s Libya – even though he died 4 years ago – even the almighty US paid part of the price by the losing their Ambassador that was killed in the middle of the resulting tensions – today, Libya is one of the modern homes of ‘Islamic Terrorists.’


Ghaddafi was removed from Office in 2003 [and killed three years later] – that was 13 years ago – nevertheless, Iraq remains a war zone, even today – and it took Germany decades to recover from Hitler – leading to the nation splitting into two for another 50 or so years – before being reunified again – people who are not good students of History have a nasty and profane way of attempting to water-down the acts done “men of Peace” who chose to not go in the direction of some other ‘villains’ before them – in Nigeria, some said “GEJ would have had the support of his own local communities, if he chose to take that route of the villain; that he would have had the support 12 million people that voted for him urging him on; that some global powers could have even aligned with him” – in fact, till this date, some of his Supporters insists “The Man na mumu sef; hin for no gree considering the evidences he had against Jega wey do ojoro.


I worked quite closely around GEJ’s Campaign – I received a barrage of phone calls from the community immediately after “Goodluck placed that Call to Buhari” – so many calls, wondering “why a C-in-C would allow himself give up that cheaply” – If you recall, within minutes of that phone call, I also did a very well circulated Op-ed in which “I equally conceded the polls to Buhari and congratulated him therein” – this turned out to be very shocking to a lot of my online followers – because they knew no one wrote more against Buhari (save for maybe FFK) within the Nigerian Polity leading to the elections 7 years more than myself – but you see – what many did not know at the time [and probably still do not realize] about me is “I am first a Christian before I am a Politician” – the Word of God is more important to me than Aso Rock!


I will never forget one particular call I received the morning after that GEJ phone call from a gentleman who is now highly placed in the PDP hierarchy who said “we are planning to take to the streets in Abuja; how can GEJ place such a call; we have evidence against Jega; join us to March on the streets; why did you write that article? It was too premature” – but I told him like I told others – “The Man who should be most pained has already listened to the Voice of God and conceded; wetin come be our own; Bros, I no dey comot for my house” – days after this, I even suspected from the way some of my “PDP friends were relating to me” that they were imagining that “Perhaps, I had being compromised; may be I received some overnight monies from APC since I was pro-bono-ing for GEJ” – they were right “I had been compromised by the Holy Spirit to move on.”


On this first day of 2016, I pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ “to raise newer leaders for Nigeria – and Africa that would treasure the Peace and Prosperity of their Nations beyond their own personal interest for Power, Fame, Influence, and Wealth” and with this message, I wish to announce “Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as My Man of the Year – 2015” – for indeed, if he had rejected the counsel of God to place that phone call, Nigeria would most likely have been at war as we entered into 2016; I pray for himself and his family today, that the Peace they helped Nigeria secure would ‘be spread abroad’ in their own lives as well.


Happy 2016 to you all.

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